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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense #40 Swatch

Ok, I have to admit, ever since Sephora + Pantone launched their color of the year collection with tangerine tango, I've been obsessed with orange! I wanted a bright, bold, orange lipstick and initially, I was going to get the Sephora + Pantone lipstick but after swatching Make Up Forever Route Artist 40, I changed my mind.

What I like about #40 is that the color is rich, very pigmented, and opaque. Another thing I love about MUFE lipsticks is that they stay put and last over 3 hours on me. The formula applies easily but it feels slightly dryer than the average lipstick. That aspect doesn't bother me. I actually prefer that in a lipstick because it's less likely to feel slippery and bleed. The fact that the formula doesn't budge makes it last a lot longer.
#40 is such a bright orange, it almost look neon and has this golden glow to it even though there is no shimmers. This is more like a satin finish.
The lipstick has a strong cosmetic scent. Not unpleasant as far as I'm concerned but it's quite noticeable and for those who are sensitive to scents should take a whiff before they buy.
I actually sported this lipstick when I was out with my friend celebrating our birthdays and I thought wow, this color is so bold, it sure is going to catch a few stares, lol. So yeah, if you want to get noticed, this lip color would be a good choice! I'm totally digging it!

Have you jumped on the tangerine bangwagon yet? If yes, which is your favorite orange lipstick?



  1. okay one day i will have that in my life

    1. I hope you'll like it as much as I do

  2. Intense color but I love it!
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