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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flashback To April

Since April is my birthday month and the beginning of spring (at least for us Wisconsinites), I wanted to have a little change of pace so I took a little weekend vacation with my kids to Minnesota. We were getting tired of the everyday thing and needed a little change. Secondly, I shopped like no tomorrow, LOL. I made a pretty big dent in my bank account last month but I think it was worth it. I think most of my purchases in April were actually more clothing and jewelries rather than makeup. Moving to the beginning of May, the shopping continued...ooops, and my favorite new buys are definitely my new Armani Exchange watch and sunglasses and my New Michael Kors bag and wristlet. I've been obsessed over the arm candy trend and been wanting to add more dresses to my wardrobe.

We also celebrated my daughter's birthday, which was the day before mine. I can hardly believe she is now 15. Time flies! She is going to be a woman soon! OMG, I'm not ready for this.
For my birthday, I'm very grateful for the friends who remembered and gifted me something. All the wonderful gifts and birthday wishes felt like a blessing. I don't have many friends and I'm perfectly fine with that because my small group of friends are true friends and the friendship is genuine. That's what's most important to me. We've shared laughters, secrets, tragedies, and even some tears. Those are the kind of people I hope I never loose contact with. I've lost contact with many friends in the past and I hope this doesn't happen anymore. I know some circumstances are out of our hands and that's what breaks my heart sometimes when I lose connection with someone that way.
Speaking of losing connection, I went to my daugther's talent show a couple weeks ago, and one of the kids performed the song "somebody that I used to know" by Gotye. The lyrics pretty much hit close to home. This song is just another reminder that people are so unpredictable. Sometimes, I don't know what to believe anymore. Could it be that my own beliefs are what blindsided me? IDK. That makes me wonder though.

I like the radio version much better than the original. It has a nicer beat to it.

Birthday cards are personal and I was debating whether to share this or not but I think it's just too cute not to share. This card was given to me by my children and it brought a big smile on my face reading because each of them had something cute to say. My daughter walked to Walgreens to get the card, lol. It's funny and cute that she mentioned it. Walgreens is probably a good 15-20 minute walk from home. She also gifted me a pack of Lindt chocolate. She sure gets an A+ for effort. Not only that but when I came home from work, my room was super clean! Thanks to her and her friend who helped.

Best (looking) How charming! My kids often tell me that their friends complimented that they have a pretty mom.
The drawing of me inside a heart was stinking cute!

As a parent, I worry that I'm not doing enough and that my kids feel let down. I'm relieved to know that they feel that I am doing enough.

Good Friend's Mug was given to me by Marisa. It's super cute and what a lovely gift I must say. I feel warm and cheerful when I look at this mug.

I received these flowers as birthday gift from a good friend. He stopped by to pick up something that he had forgotten and brought me this gorgeous flower arrangement. I was a little shocked but very pleasantly surprised to say the least. I think flowers are so pretty and I did not waste anytime snapping pix of them while they were perky and fresh. That pink butterfly is cute a nice touch.

Other gifts not pictured here were on my previous posts.

Since April was my birth month, I made sure to enjoy and have fun and I did. When I came back to reality, I can't believe that we are almost halfway through the year already.  I've been either drowning myself with work, figuring out what to post next, or have my mind lost somewhere up in the clouds.
Nonetheless, I think this year has been good so far and I should defintely start planning my next vacation. By the time I realize it, summer will be gone already.

Happy Spring everyone! I hope you are enjoying the weather and the weekend.

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