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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break Getaway - Day 1, Places and Food

Guess what I just found out last week...

Well, I just realized that my kids were on spring break, lol. Ok, ok, I know, I'm so lame. My only excuses are that I have been very distracted by work and blogging. I've been under a lot of pressure trying to meet deadlines and I feel that my work loads just keep getting larger and heavier. I've been so consumed by work that I barely made it to the gym in the past couple weeks. I was pretty drained mentally and physically.

Working on my blog is something that I enjoy because it keeps me sane, busy, and my mind off things. It's my escape from stress and reality.

I've told my kids that we should try to do something during spring break but I haven't been able to stay focused and organized so this little mini vacation was just something spontaneous.
We decided to do a little road trip to Minnesota. It has been such a long time since we've been there.

We left home on Friday the 13th, lol...Not a good day for traveling if you are supertitious but since I'm not, it didn't bother me. After 5 hours of drive, we went straight to visit the Hmong Village Flea Market.
The strange thing I noticed is that the parking lot was pretty full but once we were inside, there wasn't that many people walking around. There was a lot of merchants and a lot of them were selling the same/similar stuff. I was pretty impressed by the food market. There was so many veggies and everything looked fresh, nice, and neat.

For reviews and more info on how to get to the Hmong Village Flea Market, follow this link

The painted murals of Laos were nicely done and just added more of that oriental vibe. The weather was pretty cool, windy, and wet when we got there so being that this flea market was indoor makes it a little more enjoyable.

After we walked through all the isles, we decided it was time to hit the food court. It was hard to pick on what to order because there was so many places to choose from and everything looked so good.

My two oldest ordered some eggrolls. They already ate half of the food by the time I got to take the pictures because I was waiting in line ordering some buble tea.

My little one ordered some Hmong sausages with sticky rice and fries.

I ordered some stuffed chicken wings with sticky rice and papaya salad. The wings were ok. They sure needed a little more salt and seasoning. They tasted a little bland.

The papaya salad was good. It would have been better if it was a little sweeter but I enjoyed it.

The bubble tea tasted like crap, lol. They weren't made fresh so they were just artificially flavored and the tapioca balls were hard to chew.

I grabbed some spring rolls to go for later. I also bought some banh mi sandwiches and cakes but forgot to take pictures of them.

After the flea market, we checked in our hotel. The room was pretty spacious and smelled nice. It had a big flat screen TV, a sofa, fridge, dinning table, and microwave.

Once we got our belongings inside the hotel and chilled for a few minutes, we went out bowling for a couple hours. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was already 11 pm. Kids watched some Ghost Adventures and I knocked out as soon as my head hit the pillow, haha.

Stay tuned for the stuff that I hauled at the Flea Market.


  1. Cute post! Your little trip looked really relaxing and fun :) It's crazy how little time we actually spend with our family even though we live with them. Your daughter looks a lot like you! :)

    1. yeah I think we work too much here in America. There isn't much room for quality family time.

  2. Awww it sounded like fun! Your daughter looks just like you. I'm sure you get that a lot lol.

    1. Yea it's weird how pretty much everyone says that. I can see a bit of ressemblance but if you saw her father you would think she looks more like him.


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