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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hauls - Sephora, CVS, and Nail Supplies


I'm back. Yes, I was gone in case you noticed. I just got back yesterday from my little weekend vacation, which was kind of a last minute thing, lol. I will tell you more about it on a different post.
Before I left, I had taken pictures of a few things I purchased but didn't get a chance to write about so I wanted to get this out of the way before I spam my blog with more hauls. **hint, hint**

A couple weeks ago, during the Sephora VIB sale, I placed an online order and here's what I got...

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, $22.50. I had bought a smaller size of this lip scrub which came with a mini Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and I've been hooked since I tried it. The mini lip scrub was so small that I used it only sparingly because I was afraid to run out of it. Now that I bought the full-size jar, I shouldn't have to worry about running out anytime soon. I know there are a lot of DIY lipscrub that would cost so much cheaper to make and I have tried doing it myself but it just doesn't feel the same way as this. There's something else in here that just makes my lips feel so nice and soft. This lip polish along with the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment are the perfect spa treatment for your lips. I would recommend this if you are prone to dry lips.

  • Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm (natural mint), $7.50. I just bought this lip balm because I was curious to try since I heard good reviews about it. I really like the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment but it is a lot more expensive so if this works as well or better, that would save me quite a bit of pocket change.

  • Sephora Prisma Chrome Orange Facets, $15.00. The other day when I was at Sephora, I swatched this new eyeshadow and I was hooked on the color. Swatches will be up soon.

  • Sephora + Pantone Universe lipgloss set, $20.00. I was actually going to get the lipstick but since it was out of stock, I decided to get the lipgloss set instead. I've never really been that drawn to orange but ever since these launched at Sephora and their promo pictures and advertisement looked so dang good, this "color of the year" is quickly growing on me. I feel like I want to own every shade of orange now, LOL.

  • Free samples: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew, and Murad Rejuvenating Lift. I love receiving free samples but I always forget to use them, smh.

CVS is always sending me coupons, which is nice but that can be so addicting. I had a coupon for 25% off my purchase, $4.50 off anything, and $15.00 off Physicians Formula Skincare.

What I purchased from CVS:
  • Physicians Formula Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener. This is new and without the coupon, I probably would have never knew or bothered to pick this up. Regular price is about $20.00, so it's kind of pricey.
  • Milani Illuminating Face Powder Beauty's Touch. I can't get over the pretty packaging. I have Amber Nectar and I love it.
  • Revlon Lip Butter Tutti Frutti...yes, it's orange! LOL
  • Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm, Flamme. Looks orange too, haha.

I was low on acetone and cotton balls so I decided to stop by the nail supply to see if they would cost me less. Well, for some odd reason, they didn't sell cotton balls and one gallon of acetone runs about $10.00, which I thought was still expensive so I didn't get any. However, lol, I managed to walk out of there with a few things I didn't intend to pick up.

  • Acetone dispenser, $5.00. Ok, the last one I got came with a very pretty jar but I had trouble with the pump and now it's broken so when I saw this plain white plastic container, I felt like I needed it. If you swatch nail polishes like crazy (as I do) or if you change your nail color often, you should get one of these because constantly tilting that bottle of acetone is no fun and I've had a couple of spilling accidents which weren't fun.

  • Little round sponges. Since they didn't have cotton balls, they told me I could use these little sponges to remove nail polish. They said that I should be able to reuse them multiple times so I thought I'll give them a try. I bought a small bag for $1.00.

  • I asked them if they sell special nail polishes for nail stamping and they told me they didn't but suggested that I try these nail art paints. I wasn't sure if these were going to work but I figure why not give them a try. I liked the idea that I could mix my own colors. There's quite a bit of product in each jar so this is probably going to last me forever. The set comes with 10 colors and it was $12.00.

  • They were nice enough to give me a free little jar so I can mix and store my own customized nail art color.
So that's it for this haul. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Mmm those Sephora lip glosses look so nice! The nail paints are cool too though I'd worry about them drying out in those little jars!


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