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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Fashion Haul...Again!

Yes, I did it again. I went shopping! What can I say? It's my birthday month and I just love spoiling myself.
I stopped by TJ Maxx the other day, just because I felt that I haven't been there in a while. When I spotted these Tommy Hilfiger wedge shoes, I knew I was going to bring them home. They are just too cute. Price: $39.99.

Michael Kors belt, $29.99. Orignally, $45.00.

Betsey Johnson Belt, $14.99. I don't have a white belt and I thought the tassels were a cute accent.

Lucky Brand earrings. $12.99. I thought that the design was pretty and unique.

Faux leather jacket from Burlington Coat Factory, $19.99. I love the pinkish nude color and the price is awesome.

From here down, I purchased these items from Dots. The white capris were $18.80. I'm been looking for the perfect white capris and this is it. It's so versatile. You can dress it up or down.

I quite like how the patterns look on this black and nude skirt. $12.80. It's not too crazy but yet looks interesting.

Semi-sheer blue top, $16.80. First, I love the color! It's like a royal blue. It looks a bit bright on the picture because I took it with flash. Second, the style is right up my alley! It's different. It leaves your shoulders and arms partially exposed.

Salmon pumps, $24.00. Well that's more colors to add to my shoe collection. The style is simple but the color is not your typical shoe color, which is why I decided to get it. I like the fact that they are actually comfortable and don't squeeze the hell out of my feet.

Sunglass case, $5.50. I thought the case looked pretty cute. The reason I bought this is because I just ordered a new pair of sunglasses and needed this to keep it safe. I will show you the sunglasses once I receive them.
That's it for my fashion haul. Hopefully, I won't buy anymore clothes. I need to lose some weight! It's been hard to keep up with the gym and work is so demanding and draining. I'm working all weekend so I hope that you are enjoying yours.

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  1. You got lovely shoes in there. I love that orange high heeled shoe one. I would like to agree to you that this may fit comfortably to anyone who would wear this. I just love it's style and the color, oh my, i love them!well, all the other heels you have their are also amazing.

    1. Thank you. I need to get rid of some old shoes so I can make room for new ones.


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