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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Haul - Fashion

Hello dear readers,

I've been quite busy in the past few days. My birthday was actually yesterday but I did get a head start on the party, hehehe. I wasn't really planning on shopping but my friend asked me if I wanted to go down to Chicago last weekend to celebrate our birthdays. I was definitely down for that. My co-worker suggested that I wear a dress so I decided to go shop for one. With that said, I did some last minute shopping and here are the things I bought for myself.


  • Blue/Green strapless dress, $22.00. This is the dress I wore when we went the club in Chicago. It looks very flattering on me and wasn't too short. I paired this dress with a pair of sky high green pumps. I wanted to find a white blazer to go with the dress but I didn't have any luck so I ended up wearing a white cardigan instead. I wished I had taken pictures but then again, we've been rushed and too busy dancing to be taking pictures. After a few minutes on the dance floor, I was a hot mess and I really didn't want to be caught on camera looking like I just came out of a sauna, lol.
  • Sequin leopard print skirt, $9.00. I guess this will be part of one of my future girls night out. I like that it's flashy and edgy. I usually prefer to wear pants but I'm going to incorporate more dresses and skirts for parties.

  • Lace cami, $7.00. I think it goes so perfectly with the silver skirt.
  • Silver satin skirt, $12.00. I love how flattering it looks on my figure. It also comes with a belt.

From Maurices
  • Peach satin blouse with lacy back, $19.20.
  • Light pink cami with ivory lace, $14.98.
  • Half sleeve teal top with lacy back, $9.95.

I spotted this gorgeous floral shirt at JcPenney for $25.00. I normally don't go for this style shirt since one side of my arm and shoulder is completely exposed but because the print was so pretty, I had to make an exception.

From Wet Seal
  • I picked up this black short sleeve top, 15.00. I might pair this with the sequin leopard dress next time I go out. I haven't tried if they would go nicely together but by picturing it in my head, I think it might work.
  • Floral print cami, $10.00. I fell in love with the watercolor floral print. It's too cute.
  • Lace mint top, $15.00. I don't have a color like this in my wardrobe. I'm a sucker for lace because I think it's sexy and feminine.

I received a $5.00 coupon from DSW for my birthday and figured I needed to see if I can make some use out of it. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed that they only sent me a $5.00 coupon. They made so much money out of me already. I shop there quite often. Anyways, there wasn't anything I really wanted as bad as these Michael Kors sandal heels. I normally rather wear a size 8 but they didn't have it so I tried a 7 1/2 and fortunately, it still fit. I would have been more comfortable with an 8 but half a size smaller was still doable. I just love how classy and sophisticated these shoes look. I paid roughly $115.00 for these.

I received a $10.00 birthday coupon from Victoria's Secret and I went and bought 5 pairs of undies. They were on sale 5 for $26.00. I didn't include pictures of them since I feel kinda weird posting pictures of my panties, lol.

Hope you enjoyed my haul. Thoughts?
Stay tuned for more birthday posts.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I love pretty much anything with lace.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! ohhhh I love ALL the things you picked. I have been on a LOVE for clothing. haha my goshh the floral from jcpenny is gorgeous

    1. Thanks hun. I haven't really been buying clothes but I wanted to look a little more dressy for girls night out.

  3. Wow those shoes are beautiful! I really want a Michael Kors bag.. every time I go in to DSW I see yet another one that I love ;p

    1. My local DSW doesn't seel MK bags but I see them at TJ Maxx all the time. Ughhh one of these days I'm gonna cave in an buy one.

  4. Love your purchases! What's the name of the sandal? I've found the same exact ones from my local DSW and now I can't find them so I'm searching online.

    1. Thank you. They are called the "faith sandal", style: 45S1FAHA1L, color: peanut. The SKU number is 8 86056 00172 3. Hope this helps.


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