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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break Getaway - Flea Market Haul

Usually when I go shopping, the things that I tend to look for are jewelries and beauty related products.

As far as beauty products goes, this is what I bought
  • A box of My Beauty Diary Natto Masks (10 pcs), $19.00. I tried once and I was hooked so when I saw this, I bought a box!
  • My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask, $1.50. If I like it, I will order more.
  • My Beauty Diary Apple Mask, $1.50. My daughter wanted to try this mask.
  • Fake Hello Kitty MAC palette, $10.00. Yep, it's fake but the shadows were pretty and the pigmentation seem to be decent. There was another palette that I wanted but the seller didn't have anymore in stock and to my shock, she was going to sell me the display. I told her that I didn't want the display palette. Eww gross, God knows how many dirty fingers swatched that thing already.

Would you buy fake MAC if you knew it was fake? Do you like Asian masks?





  • I picked up this four leaf clover pendant necklace for $15.00. I think that's kind of expensive for a flea market price but it's very cute and my daughter really wanted it. The seller claims that the necklace won't tarnish. We shall see about that.
  • Two jade pendants. They were $8.00 each. I love the color of jade. It looks so pretty.


I can't remember how much I paid for this peacock hair clip but I think it was around $8.00. It's beautifully designed and the best part is that it's all metal. I love pretty hair clips even if I don't clip my hair very often.

Other Miscellaneous stuff
  • A guitar key chain for my daughter, $4.00. She loves music and loves playing the guitar so when she spotted this key chain, she wanted it.
  • My daughter is also a big K-pop fan so she picked up two music videos DVDs. They were $10.00 each.
  • I bought a vest for my son, it was kind of pricey but it looked nice on him. It was $55.00. Again, another flea market price that I think was high. Not pictured.
  • B.A.P poster. I don't know if they are Korean or Japanese boy band, lol, but the poster was small and cost me a whooping $11.00. My daughter picked it out.

This concludes my flea market haul.

What do you normally buy at the flea market?


  1. Eck, that's horrible, selling you the display. *Gags*
    and... Kpop FTW.
    BAP is a Korean boy band and they're brand new too, come out at the end of January, I believe.

    1. haha yeah I saw her put the display in my bag and I told her "if you don't have a new one then I am not getting it".

  2. the peacock is soo pretty! haha

    1. Thank you. I fell instantly in love with it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm guilty of buying fake MAC in the past. I got duped the first time thinking they were real - I bought a lot of 20 pigments for a ridiculous price (should have known) . Once I tried them out I actually liked them so I bought all the remaining colors. I didn't care what brand they were at that point, I just liked the product.. but they all were in fake MAC jars. Guilty as charged! Lol.

    1. some people are very paranoid about not knowing what type of ingredient was used and that there was no regulation in place for those fake product. If there is anything harmful, I suspect it may be only in small amount and that shouldn't cause major health problem. I personally don't read the labels anyways since I am not allergic to anything.

  5. Whatttt? Your flea market sells Beauty Diary masks? That's crazy!

    1. well it's not really a local flea market. That's just one I was visiting during my trip. This flea market is own by asians and the customers are mostly asians :) so I'm not surprised.


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