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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wet N Wild Be Jewels Collections Swatches Part 2 (On My Nails)

Yesterday, I showed you pictures of the Be Jeweled Collection on the nail wheel. Today, I decided to remove my manicure and swatch these polishes on my actual nails so that you can see how they look on a human nails and the variation of colors. If you would like to see how they look in the bottles, please refer back to the previous post for additional pictures. I was lucky enough to get most of these pictures taken under natural light before the sun goes down.

Here is what I swatched:
  • Thumb - The Crown Is Mine
  • Index - Jewels For Your Highness
  • Middle - Speak When Spoken To
  • Ring - Bow In My Presence
  • Pinky - Born Into Privilege
I did 3 coats on their own and one coat over a black polish. See how mesmerizing they are? Speak When Spoken To (on the middle finger) is definitely my favorite out of the 5 because it has a more noticeable bluish/purple duochrome as compared to the others.

So which one is your favorite? Do you like them on their own or prefer them over black?

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  1. Oh they're all beautiful! I definately prefer them over black, they look amazing!

    1. They definitely stand out over a black polish. I also like them on their own. They are still pretty.


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