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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break Getaway - Huge Jewelry Haul

This has got to be my biggest jewelry haul so far. I found so many blings that I liked while I was shopping at the Mall of America.
I must have spent like an hour (if not more) inside Forever 21 going through a few racks and looking at the jewelry section. My boys were pretty upset that I was stuck in there for so long but I couldn't help myself.

Haul from Forever 21:
  • Pointy ring with small rhinestones, $5.80. The design was eyecatching. It has that edgy futuristic look to it, lol, if that makes sense.
  • Burgundy stone ring, $4.80. I don't know what to say except that it looks nice on my finger, lol. The ring band is stretchy.
  • Criss-crossed bracelet watch, $16.80. I love it and it looked so cool but after I tried it on, I realized the band is not long enough to fit around for my fat wrist, smh.
  • Black and gold bracelet, $5.80. My daughter wanted this bracelet.

  • Seashell earrings, $6.80. They are a little heavy but the marbling of the shell is so beautiful.
  • Beaded Peacock Feather earrings, $6.80. Wow, the beads add an extra oomph to the feathers. I'm totally in love.
  • Black feather and arrows earrings, $4.80. I dig the arrows but not the feathers for some reason.
  • Long colorful beaded earings, $6.80. Very simple and chic. I love how bright the beads are.

  • Gold and blue treaded bracelet, $4.80. I'm totally loving the bright and fun colors of these jewelries. They are perfect for the season. The tassel and bead add a cute extra touch to the bracelet.

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Charlotte Russe Haul
  • Most of their jewelries were 2 for $10.00
  • Triangular trio necklace. I thought it looked very cool.
  • Seashell ring, this was a perfect match with the seashell earrings I bought from F21
  • Pearl Armor ring, I'm totally digging armor rings and will keep an eye out for more.
  • I bought a set of earring studs (not pictured) for my daughter.

Betsey Johnson Haul

I loooooove Betsey Johnson jewelries at least some of her pieces because they are just so cute, girly, and unique. While I was inside Nordstrom Rack, I found them for a much cheaper than the retail price.

  • Heart and arrow necklace, $18.97 (originally $45). Look at the details on that necklace! This is so blinged and eyecatching!

  • Those little beads around the bow shaped earrings just makes me giddy, $16.97 (originally $40)

  • Polka dots heart earrings, $18.97 (originally $45). I was debating between these and the smaller pair, which my daughter said she liked better but I prefered the bigger one.

  • I purchased these pair blue stone heart earrings from the Betsey Johnson store but unfortunately they were at the full retail price of $45.00. Oh well, that's ok I really like them. They are so pretty.


Another thing I bought at the Nordstrom Rack is this cutsy little fortune cookie charm for $8.97. That was just too dang cute.

This concludes my jewelry haul from MOA, whew. I know I probably went a bit overboard but I love everything that I bought.

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