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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break Getaway - What's In My Makeup Box?

Not sure if anyone will find this post interesting but I thought I'd do a quick post on what I typically bring with me on a weekend trip.
I am the type of person that tends to bring more than I need simply because I like to have my choices and don't really plan on what I will be wearing.

I enjoy taking this pretty box with me on trips because it can hold a lot of my beauty products, it's not too heavy, and it's quite sturdy. I purchased it from either Marshalls or TJ Maxx, I can't remember.

I also like to categorize my beauty products and put them in quart-size or sandwich-size ziplock bags because I can see what's inside and they usually can hold a pretty decent amount of products.

In this bag, I have mostly my skincare and face makeup. I brought a few skincare samples with me also.

I have these two brush cases that I bought a little while back. I use the Bare Mineral brush case for my face brushes and the Real Techniques brush case for eye brushes.

On my second ziplock bag, I have a few lip products and eyeliners. I usually prefer to keep my makeup simple and neutral when I'm traveling so I normally would pick weareable colors.

For eyeshadows, I brought the NYX 10 Color Palette Champagne & Caviar, and the ELF Little Black Beauty Book. I love how compact these are and they come with enough colors for me to play with.
For my face, I have the MAC MSF Natural to set my foundation, MAC Prim & Proper blush, and NARS Danmari cheek palette.

Other miscellaneous products I brought are cotton rounds and swabs, contact case, MAC brush cleanser, Pond's Cleansing Towelettes, and Sephora mirror.

So what are your favorite beauty products to take with you on a weekend trip and do you bring more or less than I do and how do you pack them?



  1. Nice selection, the bag you're keeping it all in is so cute!

    1. Thanks. I love taking this box with me when I travel. :)

  2. Wow girl! And I thought I packed heavy lol I'm the same way though, I'd rather take too much than be away from home and missing something that I really want/need.

    1. yeah but I realize I need to pack less eyeliners and lip products, lol. I didn't even use most of them.


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