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Thursday, April 19, 2012

CCO / MAC Haul and Swatches

On our way back home vacation, I decided to make a pit stop at the CCO, lol. Yep, more shopping.  I haven't shopped there in a while so I was hoping to find something I might want.

Here's what I picked up

  • MAC baked eyeshadow Smoked Ruby. I was happy to find the baked eyeshadows from the semi-precious collection which released back in July 2011. There is something unique about this color. It's a shimmery darkened burgundy brown. This shade is quite pigmented and smooth.
  • MAC baked eyeshadow Jade's Fortune. This shadow is a greyish teal with multi-colored shimmers. It's rather sheer when applied dry and gives a better color payoff when applied wet. I was surprised that once it was swatched, you can barely see the green
  • MAC baked eyeshadow Hint of Shappire. It's a greyish lavender blue with multi-colored shimmers. The pigmentation isn't that great when applied dry but with a wet application, the shimmers really come to life.  
  • MAC eyeshadow Lime. This is a bright matte lime green. I love adding more matte to my eyeshadow collection.
  • MAC Kissable lipcolor Strut Your Stuff. This is a bright red lipgloss that I find very pigmented, no shimmers. It has a blue undertone and a slight raspberry tinge to it.
  • MAC lipstick Prince Noir is a matte finish according to the label but I find that it has a slight sheen to it when swatched.  I wonder if it goes away after a while. The color kind of remind me of black cherry with a brown undertone. It's very vampy but I love it. I know I won't use it much but I like to keep these shades around for days I wanna try something different.

By the way, swatches of the baked eyeshadows are done dry on the left and wet on the right.

Quite honestly I just can't keep up with these MAC collections anymore and it's getting to the point I really don't mind waiting to see if they show up at the CCO. It's not always fun paying full price, unless  it's something you want bad enough. Otherwise, good things can happen for those who wait and have access to a CCO.

What was your last MAC purchase?



  1. Nice haul! My last MAC purchase was 3 lipsticks: Blankety, Modesty and Fast Play. Very pleased with their lipsticks! I had Creme in your Coffee from before.

    1. Blankety is one that I wanna try. I love MAC lippies.

  2. I just found out that they opened one up here in Vegas (before that the closest one was at state line, about an hour drive from where I live). I've been trying to hold off going there because I'm afraid of how much money I'll spend lol. I decided to go for my birthday because then I won't feel so bad about splurging! This is a great haul! I really wanted some of those Semi-Precious shadows but not badly enough to pay full price ;\

    1. I'm with you on that one. If I can find it at the CCO, I would rather wait. It may be a good thing that the CCO isn't too close, lol. I'd want to go there almost every weekend.


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