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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break Getaway - Last Breakfast

On our way home from Minnesota, we decided to stop by Denny's to get some breakfast. Wow, just look at that old school Denny's Diner! It's like traveling back in time. I wasn't expecting that and I had to take a picture. You don't see too many of these anymore. It's such a classic! In fact, there are approximately 38 of these in the United States.

My son ordered the biggest breakfast I have ever seen...3 stacks of pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, and eggs. He finished them all! I would have been full on the pancakes alone. They were pretty big.

I ordered a build your own Grand Slam. You get to pick 4 things so I picked scrambled eggs, sausages, chicken sausage patty, and English muffins.

Not pictured, my other two kids ordered a breakfast burger and another Grand Slam.
I can't remember exactly how much my bill was but it was approximately $37. Not too bad for 4 people.
What is your favorite breakfast food or restaurant?



  1. I think I've only been to a Denny's once when I was in Florida (we don't seem to have them in NYC) and there was some sort of deal where you could get a meal for $4. Four dollars! Those pancakes look really good :) Usually I'm stuffed after 2 eggs, some bacon and 2 pancakes haha

    1. No Denny's in NYC? awww. It's okay. I'm pretty sure you guys have so many great restaurants.


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