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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Swatches - Milani Nail Polish Spam

Hi everyone,

Not long ago, I picked up a few of the Milani new colors. I've been pretty excited about these because I quite like the formula and colors. I just realized that I didn't have Sail Away included in the first picture. Oh well, I'm still going to include it in this post since it is a new shade. I think the only shades that are not new here are Diamond Dazzle, Tip Toe Pink, and Hot Flash.

Mint Candy is a beautiful teal with a subtle irridescent teal shimmer. It's so pretty and opaque in two coats. The formula was great, applied evenly, and dried fairly quick.

Orchidia is a reddish purple with silver shimmers. The color is just simply beautiful. The application was also very nice. Two coats and you are good to go.

Beach Front is a gorgeous baby blue with silver shimmers. I'm not sure why it looks brighter on the swatches (it may be due to the lighting) but in real life, it's not as bright. This one is so pigmented you can get away with one coat if you apply it carefully because it's a little thick.

Tip Toe Pink. I thought I had picked up one of the newer color because it was sitting on the display but when I checked, the new pink they had was called Juno. Ahhh they tricked me! Anyways, it's still a beautiful bubble gum pink. The first two coats are streaky and uneven but the third coat usually even it out.

Diamond Dazzle. I probably don't need this but IDK why I picked it up, lol. It's still a pretty glitter polish that would look nice over another color. It looks like diamond dusts. I have 3 coats on the swatches.

Hot Flash. I rarely wear red but when I saw how pretty it looked in the bottle I just felt like I needed to have it. This one goes on sheer and you will need 3 coats to get opacity. The base color is like a sheer jelly browish red and the pink shimmers are so beautiful.

Sail Away is one of Milani's new nail color and this one is so pigmented, you can get away with just one coat. This is a navy blue with silver shimmers running through it. It's super gorgeous. The color looks more vibrant in my pictures but in real life it's a little more toned down.

Whewwweeee. I swatched till I dropped. I hope you enjoyed the swatches. Which one is your favorite?



  1. Mint Candy is gorgeous.

    1. It sure is. The hint of teal shimmers just makes me giddy lol.

  2. Replies
    1. It reminded me of Essie play date but with shimmers and more red undertone.

  3. Great swatches. The only one of the bunch I have is Tip Toe Pink, although I'd love to try Sail Away and Orchidia.

    1. Thank you. If the colors appeal to you, definitely give them a try because the formula and pigmentation is nice.


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