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Monday, April 9, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss Pink Plush - Review and Swatches


I bought this gloss/stain a little while ago but never really got a chance to review it. I was intrigued with the idea of a gloss and stain altogether so I wanted to give this a shot. This product released earlier this year along with the notorious Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for this but it was a bit pricy, I think it retails for about $8.00.

  • I find the tube rather bulky and I didn't really like that.
  • 10.5 mL or .35 oz
  • The applicator is oval shaped and has this little dent in the middle that holds a decent amount of product that you can apply over your entire lips without having to dip back into the tube.

There are a few shades available and I picked the lightest color, which I find still a little too dark. Pink Plush is a reddish strawberry pink with some shimmer. On the swatch above, I wiped the gloss with a tissue after 30 seconds of application so that you get an idea of how the stain looks like.


I think it looks nice as a gloss.

Here's the stain I was left with after 8 hours of wear. It looks somewhat natural.


  • This product claims to last up to 10 hours. The gloss fades after 2-3 hours. But the stain is pretty long lasting. It feels comfortable for the first couple hours but after the gloss fades, my lips start to feel dry.
  • This gloss has a fruity scent that I find a little strong and lingers for a while. The scent doesn't bother me but some people might not like.
  • What annoys me about this gloss/stain is that the color doesn't fade evenly. If you look at my close up swatch on my lips. The stain looks blotchy and that may be in part because it was once a gloss so the blotches looks like left over gloss.

I like the fact that is is long-wearing but the blotchiness drives me nuts. I wished these came in lighter colors because I have pretty pale lips and I prefer more subtle colors for every day wear. For this product, I like the pigmentation of the stain over the lipgloss. I don't plan on repurchasing these though.  My rating 5/10.

1 comment:

  1. I also found that even the "lighter" shades were much too dark. Not too bad of a product overall though.


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