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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Blings and Shoes Haul

Let's face it, a girl can never have too many blings and shoes, lol. I am a huge fan of accessories because I think they complete the look and add more personality to your overall appearance.
The other day when I went to the Sephora VIB event, I made a pit stop at the Forever 21 store and picked up a few items.

  • A studed bracelet with gold chain. This is my first studded bracelet and I really like it. It's perfect for casual days for a little flair.

  • A pair of fan earrings. OMGosh, I saw a similar pair at Aldo and pass on it because it was kinda pricy but this one I did not hesitate because it was a fraction of the price. These are just too cute. I want more fan earrings! I used to wear big dangling earrings but I am now leaning more toward smaller earrings with more elegant or intricate designs.

  • When I caught a glimpse of this bird pendant, I was immediately drawn to it. I love how it falls perfectly in the middle of my chest. It's definitely different from any piece of jewelry that I own. The pendant is about 3 inches wide and 2 inches long.
I forgot how much I paid for these jewelries but I'm pretty sure they were less than $5.00 a piece.

My daughter wanted to buy some shoes so we went to Payless. I wished I hadn't looked but when I saw these wedges, I was really liking the stripe pattern. I normally wear solid colors on my shoes so this is definitely different. They are super comfortable and would look great with capris or a summer dress. This pair cost $26.99.

That's it for my haul. I'm curious to know where do you shop for jewelries?

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  1. That Bracelet and necklace must be mine. D: Definitely going to search for those next time I go to a forever 21.

    1. They are fun and trendy. I hope you find them.


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