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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finger Paints Magnetic Nail Color Cop An Attitude Swatches

More nail polish spams for yall. Oh well, what can I say? I buy them on the regular like how I buy bread and butter, lol. Gotta post them up before I get new ones, otherwise I'll never be able to catch up.

So this is the new Finger Paints Magnetic polish that I found at Sally Beauty Supply not long ago. At the time I was there, there was only this color and a grey one available. I'm not particularly drawn to the magnetic look to be honest but I felt like I needed to have at least a couple of these in my nail polish collection.

Cop An Attitude is a dark shimmery bronze with copper and gold shimmers. The formula is thick but fairly easy to work with. The magnet is also pretty strong and starts working instantly as soon as you put it over your nails. Drying time is also fairly quick, which is always a plus for me.
On the swatches, I have one thick coat. Looks pretty opaque for a one coater.

What do you think of magnetic polishes? Like it or not? I wish there was more fun designs with the magnetic effect. I would have loved it so much more if that was available.

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