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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweetheart Arm Candy

I love the arm candy/bracelet stacking trend and I've had a lot of fun coming up with these combos. On top of that it also made me want to shop even more for bracelets. With that said, expect to see more bracelet/jewlery hauls.

Here I have from left to right:

  • I purchased this heart bracelet from JCPenney a little while back. It came with a pair of matching earrings and I just couldn't resist how cute it is. Aside from flowers, I also love heart-shaped jewelries.
  • Turquoise stone stretchy bracelets were part of a colorful summery set that I bought. I can't remember which store I got it from but I want to say Aldo maybe.
  • The sequin pink bracelet was a gift purchased by my ex boy-friend, while we were at a Betsey Johnson store in Las Vegas.
  • Lastly, the gold-tone bracelet with hearts and satin white ribbon was purchased from Charlotte Russe.
Overall, this is very girly and a bit colorful. Perhaps a bit too juvenile looking for my age, lol, but don't matter I would still wear this.

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