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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Storage Solutions For My Bracelets & Sneak Peak At My Collection

Hello there!

I've been obsessed with arm candies, which is why you've seen a few of my arm candy posts recently.
When my makeup collection used to be smaller, I used this black lacy train case. I can't remember if I bought it from Wal-Mart or Target. Anyways, I got tired of using this train case to store my makeup so I stopped using it for a while. When I needed to find a storage solution to my growing bracelet collection, I figured why not  use this unused train case.
The train case has total of 7 compartments. There is 3 pull out compartments on each side and one larger compartment in the middle. You could organize your bracelets by type or color if you wanted but for me since I'm messy, I just toss everything wherever I can fit it, lol.
This storage works for me since I have a lot of bracelets and it has a lot of room for them. So if you have an old train case that you are not using, you might like it for storing bracelets or other jewelries.

Secondly, I use this bracelet holder that I bought from the Container Store a long while ago. Now I can't remember the price but I don't think it was more than $10.00. This small but can hold a few bracelets. This is good if you have a small collection or if you just want to store your favorite bracelets on it. It's made out of clear acrylic and metal.

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How do you store your bracelets?

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  1. Awesome bracelet collection!
    Wish my collection was that big.

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