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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Super Duper Deals - Philosophy and Revlon Haul

A couple days ago, I needed to restock on paper towels as well as toilet papers. I like to shop at Big Lots for a few home necessities since they always carry low prices. As usual, whenever I go there, I always stop by the beauty isle to see if anything interesting catches my eyes.

Boy oh boy! I was super excited when I saw Philosophy cosmetics on display. To be honest, I never really took a look at Philosophy cosmetics whenever I shop at high-end stores. I guess they just don't catch my attention as other cosmetic companies do. I do however really enjoy their shower gels cause they smell so delicious.
Before I threw any of these in my shopping cart, I made sure to inspect if there were swatched. All the ones I picked appear to be intact. I really hate it when people swatch cosmetics, don't buy them, and the next person who wants to buy it have to deal with this.

Anyways, let's move on to the Philosophy goodies I was able to snag for an unbelievable dirt cheap price of $3.00 each!

  • The Color of Grace Angel Kiss Lip Gloss in Pretty Please. Cute sleek packaging with a nice rosy lipgloss color.

  • The Color of Grace Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder. It looks so pretty in the pan; however, I am worried about how much shimmers this powder delivers. I see some pretty fuchsia and pink shimmers in it. I detect a faint rose scent to it. Hmm..I like that :)

  • The Color of Grace Angel Kiss Lip Gloss Trio. Honestly do not need this but for $3.00 I couldn't pass up. I probably going to end up saving a couple of these for gifts.

  • The Color of Grace for Lips, Cheeks, and Eyes palette. The colors are very tame and great for a natural look. I particularly do not like to have eyeshadows with lipglosses within the same palette but again for the price, I can overlook that aspect.

  • The Supernatural Coloring Book. Another pretty and natural color palette for eyes, lips, and cheeks.

  • The Supernatural Lit From Within Cream Blush in Look on the Bright Side. I can imagine that this blush can potentially looks very pretty and natural.

  • The Supernatural Windows to the Soul eyeshadow palette in Box of Truffles. Can't go wrong with more neutral shades, especially for $3.00! I seem to be more thrilled with the price than the product itself, LOL. Let's hope they don't disappoint.

  • The Supernatural Windows to the Soul eyeshadow palette in Plum Delicious. Lucky me, this was the last palette in this color. I love plums and taupes. They are such a nice combo.

I spotted a few Revlon goodies that I honestly don't need but like and for the price, I don't feel guilty for getting them.

  • $2.00 for this duo nail polish combo. I only cared for Carbonite, lol, but oh well Sheer Rose is not a bad addition to the package either.

  • Revlon Matte In The Red - This looks like a true red in the tube. Let's hope that it is so once I try it on. I'm excited at the fact that it is matte also.

  • Revlon Matte Fabulous Fig - This appears to be like a deep terracotta or brick red color in the tube. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns up on me.
Whew that's it for this haul. I just love it when I score some really nice stuff for cheap! Do you like to shop at Big Lots?

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  1. This really makes me want to go to Big Lots. I cannot believe they sold Philosophy for so cheap. My mom is a Philosophy junkie, and I steal her stuff all the time. I've never been disappointed in a product yet, but everything is so expensive. Definitely going to check it out.

    1. You should. You might be lucky and find some. I'm not a big fan of Philosophy but I really like their shower gels.

  2. You are so lucky, my Big Lots only had the single gloss in Pretty Please, a couple of shades of cream blushes (I got Look on the Bright Side) and the eyeshadow duo and Heaven & Earth, and the pink kabuki brush. They had quite a few of each of these things but not as good as what your BL had!I am now following your blog, will you do the same and follow me? Thank you! Nice pictures and post!! I'm gonna go check out another BL store!


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