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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Confetti Nail Polish Swatches

A little while ago, I purchased these Confetti nail polishes from CVS because I was curious about them. I have not seen anyone talk about them so I figure I might as well try a few shades and share my thoughts on them. I can't remember how much I paid exactly, but I think they were about $1.99 each.

To Teal to Handle is obviously a teal that leans more blue than green. It has a subtle gold sheen that makes it super pretty. The formula and application was surprisingly good for a cheap polish. On the pictures, I have 2 coats, and look how shiny the color is even without a top coat. I'm definitely impressed.

Margarita Senorita was a bit streaky on the first coat but add a second coat and you are good to go. I'm surprised at how nice and smooth it looks. Typically, these light colored polishes tend to streak badly and can be a bit of a pain to apply. This polish isn't perfect on the first pass but it sure looks  way better on the second coat. Margarita Senorita is a muted yellow with creme finish. If you are looking for a wearable yellow, this would be a good one to try.

Bayou Blue is just an amazing turquoise with creme finish. It looks amazing and applies like a dream. I have two coats on the pictures. Again, I'm very impressed with this brand that I never hear anyone talk about. I did not test them for wear time so I can't comment on that but as far as how I feel about the formula and application. I'm quite happy with the results.

Have you ever wondered about these polishes or tried them?

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  1. Love the teal shade. I always pass right by these for some reason...


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