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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kohl's Jewlery Haul

This is a belated haul, lol. I didn't want to spam my blogs with hauls after hauls so I try posting them sparingly. I purchased these items last week from Khol's.

  • Cultured Fresh Water Pearl bracelets, $38.75. They were originally $155.00!! I spotted these bracelets from afar! LOL that's how pretty and colorful they were. When I proceeded to check them out, I thought they look so cute. I had to ask for the price and wow when I saw the discount I was getting, I had to get these. This set contains 10 stretchy colorful pearls.

  • Champs Colorful Bead bracelets, $19.60 (originally $28.00). There is 5 stretchy bracelets in this set. The beads are so adorable and colorful. I like the little coin charms on them too.

  • Lauren Conrad teal flower earrings, $8.40 (originally $12.00). These earrings are so pretty and dainty! I fell in love right away when I saw them. They are inexpensive but they do look more pricier than they really are.
I love the deals at Khol's. I don't always shop there for jewelry because I don't always find something I like but these items were a hit for me.

Do you like shopping at Kohl's? What do you usually get from there?


For your convenience, here is the link to Kohl's bracelets selection:

A representive from Kohl's emailed me and gave me a 10% off code that you can use on top of other coupon code if you chose so. The code is BLOGGER10 and good till June 23, 2012.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love the Lauren Conrad collection, everything is so dainty and feminine!


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