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Sunday, May 6, 2012

My New Michael Kors Bag and Wristlet

I was at the new Macy's that just recently opened and checking out to see if they opened a MAC counter, which they did. That's great news because that's closer to where I live.
While I was there with my friends, we first checked out MAC and found out that they were going to have an event/party in September in one of the local bar/club so I think I might be going if I am not doing anything that day.

Secondly, we looked at the shoes and I was tempted to buy a pair from the clearance racks but realized that I didn't want it bad enough to buy it.

After the shoes, we moved to the purse section and when I saw this Michael Kors purse, I just fell in love with it. I've always wanted a MK bag but always restrained myself because of mainly the price. I don't mind the price so much if I find a style that attacts me. Most of the MK bags I've seen are nice but didn't quite catch my heart like this one does.
I love a few things about this bag: the color, the size, and the classy sophisticated design. The belt and buckles on the bag added more oomph to it's overall appearance.

This is by the way the Monogram Bedford Medium Satchel and you can purchase it from Macy's through this link if you are interested or if you want more info on the bag.

My friends all agreed that the bag looks gorgeous but frowned when they saw the price tag; however, they kept pressuring me to get it. Ughh...yes, I was under pressure and that sure didn't help. I have a hard time controlling myself to begin with and having someone cheering me on just made me feel like a sore loser if I didn't do it, lol.

The MK bag also includes a dust bag to keep your bag nice and clean when you are not using it.

I also purchased the matching wristlet because I was in the mood for a new small bag as well since I always use my little Coach bag when I go out. It has enough room to hold the necessities like my cards, phone, and keys. I was going to get the wristlet anyways but when I saw the matching bag, I felt compelled to get them both. I'm actually using the wristlet instead of a wallet, lol. I like it much better because it's roomier.
Here is a link to it on Macy's website


I really like the MK style and designs. It's always great quality, stylish, and classy and these are my first MK bags.
The handbag was originally $328.00. It was on sale for $246. I was able to use my Macy's credit card discount on this purchase so I got an additional 15% off. It ended up costing me $209.10.
The wristlet was $88.00.
My grand total before tax is $297.10, which is not too bad considering that I'm getting two items. If it wasn't for the sale and that extra 15% off, I most likely wouldn't have bought the bag. I saved $118.90 on this purchase, so I think even though I did splurge I'm happy that I didn't pay full price on one of the bag.

Overall, it did hurt me a bit inside seeing how much damage I have done recently but at the same time, I tell myself, you know what I deserve it. I work hard, I'm independent, my bills are paid, and I'm debt free.

Do you own a Michael Kors bag? If not, would you consider?



  1. Cute bag! I haven't really checked out Michael Kors purses (mostly because I knew that if I liked them, my bank account would be more in danger). But now I'm curious so I may go check them out next time I shop!

    1. They are gorgeous and great quality. I'm sure you'll find one you like.

  2. It's great that you got the purse and bag for a discount :) I'm def a bag girl and I can justify spending quite a bit on a nice bag that I will wear for years. If you have the money and would like to spend it on a bag, then why not? :) I don't own any Michael Kors handbags but I've seen a few that were nice. ^^

    1. I don't buy purses very often and I try not to so I can invest on one that I really love

  3. Like you said, if you work hard and your other responsibilities (bills) are taken care of, then why not?? You definitely deserve it! It's a gorgeous bag, and such a classic design that you can carry it for years. I think you got a great deal! I always feel better when I at least get a little something off the retail price.


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