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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yesterday's Lunch at Red Lobster

Yesterday, I met up with a few girl-friends at Red Lobster to celebrate our belated birthday lunch. The hardest part when scheduling a get together with a group of people is realizing that most people are either too busy with their personal affairs that they can't find the time or dare I say, don't know how to honestly say that they do not want to participate.
Either way, personally, when I invite someone to join me, I do not expect them to say yes. I find that some people are afraid you take it the wrong way so they start beating around the bush, which honestly makes things more complicated and frustrating.

Initially, since no one wanted to pick a place, and decided that it was up to the birthday girls. I suggested that we try this French restaurant that I googled up and found interesting. However, no one seemed to shared the same interest so that option was dropped to Red Lobster. I will check out the French restaurant on a different day since the ratings were high, the price reasonable, and the menu looked interesting.
I ordered the Chef's Signature Lobster and Shrimp Pasta. The lunch portion is $12.50 and includes a salad but I substituted the salad with a bowl of clam chowder for an additional $2.00. I prefer the soup since it's more flavorful.


I ordered the Mango Mai Tai but I don't think that is what the waitress gave me, lol. It said on the receipt that it was a Malibu Hurricane so IDK. Either way it was good but a bit too sweet for my taste.

My friend, Marisa, whose birthday was a day before mine, ordered the Shrimp Flatbread and Grilled Shrim Salad. I forgot to take a picture of her salad, lol. The flatbread looked more interesting. Her choice looked a bit more healthier than mine.

The birthday girls...Marisa and Me :). Born a day apart on the same year.

The food was great. The biscuits are so dang good! Our waitress was new and she told us it was her first day. She did forget a couple things that we had to remind her but since we are so nice we didn't complain.

I didn't take a picture of what my two other friends ordered but we sure enjoyed the lunch together and catching up on some juicy gossip, lol. These girls are so silly and entertaining. Not only that but they are truly wonderful, caring, and sweet. A get together with them is always a lot of fun.
Anyways, after lunch we decided to stop by the mall! LOL you all know what that means. More hauling :) so stay tuned.

What is  your favorite dish from Red Lobster?


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