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Monday, May 21, 2012

Claire's Starstruck Collection Moon Dust Swatches

I think it was last week that I bought this nail polish. It was from Claire's and their polishes are always BOGO 50%. I always stop by their store to look at nail polishes, hehe. When I spotted the Starstruck Collection polishes, I knew I have never seen them before.
I immediately picked out Moon Dust because it looked like a blue/purple duochrome shimmer polish. Sadly, my camera couldn't capture the duochrome from the bottle.
To my surprise when I took a closer look at the bottle, I noticed Color Club stamped on this polish so I can assume that this line of polish was produced by Color Club for Claire's.

Moon Dust has an interesting finish. It applies looking like a jelly with blue shimmers. The first coat is a bit sheer, the second coat is ok if you do a thick coat but I am more satisfied with 3 coats. The finished look is a chrome with fine blue and purple shimmers. The duochrome is subtle and hard to capture in pictures but slightly noticeable in person. I wished it looked stronger. In spite of that, it's still a pretty polish.

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