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Monday, May 21, 2012

My First H&M Haul

I know I know...I've been on a jewelry kick lately, thus why you are seeing all of these crazy hauls. Yesterday, I went to the mall to return the tuxedo that I rented for my son's prom and proceeded to do more damages. I always walk pass H&M a few times when I was there and so this time I decided that I should stop and check out what they have to offer.
I didn't really get lucky with their clothes. They run rather small and I couldn't find anything that I like that was in my size. Luckily, they did have some jewelry pieces that I liked and the exciting thing is they were between $5.00 and $8.00 each.

Most of the jewelries were bracelets except for the rose gold star necklace, which I thought was very cute and I like the color.

The last thing I purchased is this pair of jade green sandals. I love the color. I don't have any green shoes and the sole has a bit of padding in it so it's not hard as rock. The material looks like faux suede and the cute little tassels are a nice accent. Cost $24.95, which is a bit high if you ask me, considering the quality isn't all that.

So that's it for my first H&M haul. I really enjoyed shopping the jewelries and pretty content with their prices. The rest didn't really impress me.

Do you shop at H&M often?

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  1. love everything, especially the sandals and leather cuff

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