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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Armani Exchange Haul

This is my first ever Armani Exchange purchase and I have to blame mylittlecassey for this haul. A few weeks ago, she hosted a $150 Armani Exchange gift card giveaway and I entered. Unfortunately, I did not win her giveaway but while I was browsing AX's website just to see what I would buy if I win, I immediately fell in love with this watch.

I have been looking for a fancy watch for a while. I wanted a watch that I would use as a signature piece...Something that represents me and my personal style. They say don't judge a book by its cover but the truth is our image is also a reflection of who we are. I admit that I won't spend an arm and a leg on clothings because if you shop around, you can find great bargains. The only things that I am willing to invest on are shoes, purses, and jewelries because they are likely to last you a very long time if you invest on a good quality material. I find them more useful and versatile. Not only that but certain pieces have a unique style or design exclusive to a certain brand.
To be honest, my preference as far as watches go, leans more toward a square face rather than a round face but wherever I looked 90% of them are round. The reason why I prefer a square face is because I prefer my watch to look more like a bracelet.

This is the Two Tone Pave Watch with a white marbled acetate and rose gold case and bracelet. I love love the white marble! It adds more personality and uniqueness to this watch. Everywhere I've looked, I have not seen any watches with this material. Secondly, the rose gold detailing is such a beautiful contrast against the white marble. There's also little rhinestones at the center for little bit more glitz. When I look at this watch, I think of it as casual but sharp and refined, which is exactly what I look for in my signature piece.

This watch costs $240 and you can purchase it through this link

Another thing, I want to mention is the packaging. They definitely put some thoughts and care in the packaging. My purchases came in a thick acrylic case, wrapped with tissue paper and packaged with bubble wrap.

The second item I purchased is the AX Logo Shield Sunglasses. I had no idea they were going to include the case but I'm really glad that they did. The first thing I noticed was that it didn't look exactly like the picture on their website. On their website, the lenses look like a gradient pinkish brown. I thought it looked so pretty but when I received them, the lenses look more like a dark brown. I would have loved it so much more if it looked exactly like they had pictured but regardless, I think they are still nice and look good for the shape of my face.

These sunglasses cost $65 and I've provided the link but it is currently no longer available. So I guess perhaps I snagged the last pair and I'm not sure if they will be on backorder.

Orders over a $100 included free shipping. One thing I like is that they also offer free return shipping if you do not like what you purchased. And lastly, they did not charge me tax! Which is awesome.

What do you think of my haul? Have you bought anything from Armani Exchange or would you consider getting anything from them?


  1. The watch is AMAZING :)

  2. LOVE the watch :)

  3. Wow, that watch is GORGEOUS! I totally agree with you - it's best to invest your money in jewelry, shoes, and purses. I think if those components of your outfit look sharp, you could be wearing inexpensive clothing and it will still look top notch.

  4. Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other?


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