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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Benefit Cheek Me Out Set High Beam and Posie Tint - Swatch and Review

One thing I love about Benefit products is that they offer many trial size versions and sets so you get to try more product for the money.


  • Small and cute but contains enough products for several uses. Both has a brush applicator similar to nail polish brush applicators.
  • .13 oz each or 4 ml each


  • High Beam is a pearlescent white shimmer highlighter. The shimmers are very fine and subtle and adds just the perfect amount of glow without looking harsh or overdone. With the brush applicator, apply just a few dots on the area you want to highlight and quickly blend with your finger or a brush before the product sets. A little goes a long way.
  • Posie Tint is a medium cool toned pink liquid/gel blush tint. This one is a trick pony and I don't recommend that you apply directly to your skin because it will stain almost immediately and may look patchy on your cheeks. What I do is I use a small stippling brush and dab a bit of Posie Tint around the stippling brush and then quickly blend it on my cheek area. This is help create a more even application.
  • I really like how natural both of these product look on me. They last up to 6 hours before I notice some fading.

Final Thought

I love Posie Tint. As long as you work with a brush and blend it quickly, you'll get a lovely and natural flush that will last fairly long. High Beam is also a nice highlighter although personally I don't feel that there is anything special about it. This is a nice set though. The price is just right and you will get several uses in spite of the little packaging. If you're a makeup hoarder like myself, you will find these trial size pretty convenient and satisfying without having to invest on a full size product and they make excellent travel buddies.

Rating: 9/10

Price: $13
Availability: Ulta

Wearing Posie Tint on cheek and High Beam above it
Tried it? Tell me what you think or which is your favorite Benefit product.


  1. Posie tint is really pretty! I have the trial size too =)

  2. It looks lovely on you and it looks soo natural like a glow from within. I've never given these products a chance though, I'm afraid it won't blend on top of my powdered face and that I'll mess up the application before it sets! I should get a kit with these minis next time to try!

    1. I wear a little powder and don't have an issue with these on top.


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