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Saturday, June 28, 2014

ELF Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer Sand - Swatch and Review

That's pretty bold of ELF to slap maximum coverage on the packaging, heck a claim like that sure makes me wanna find out if it's true because I would love it to be.

  • Flat plastic squeeze tube. I think this is a pretty generous amount for a concealer. 
  • .7 oz or 20 ml

  • I got the shade Sand, which is a light neutral color and the perfect match for my skin tone, which is about NC25 in MAC shade if that helps. 
  • Texture is creamy and easy to blend. Pigmentation is good but does not offer maximum coverage unfortunately. I say it gives light to medium coverage and honestly this feels more like a foundation than a concealer. I read some people use it as a foundation so I tried that myself and I too like it much better that way. 
  • it doesn't wear very well as a concealer and offer little coverage to my acne scar. As a foundation, it evens out my skin tone and stay put through most of the day. 

Final Thought

Maximum coverage is misleading. It's medium coverage at its best. Honestly, I think they should've just called this a foundation because I think it suits it better that way. If you're looking for a heavy duty coverage concealer here, you will be disappointed. If you're ok with medium coverage, I think you'll like it.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $3.00
Availability: ELF

Have a nice weekend! :)


  1. Sounds good for skin that isn't too blemished or scared! I rarely wear concealer but when I do I want maximum coverage so I don't have to use much!

    1. yeah it's only good for light coverage or to even skin tone.

  2. Sounds misleading for sure, but I guess for $3 it would be an okay foundation. I need medium to maximum coverage for my acne scars though.

    1. Yeah it's so hard to find a good concealer.


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