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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NYX Black Label Lipsticks Vs. NYX Round Lipsticks

The NYX Round lipsticks are definitely more popular than the Black Label and I hear a lot of raves about them. Although they are made by the same company, both products are quite different, especially in terms of packaging and formula. Both carry a variety of texture and offer a large scale of shades to choose from. Here are the details…

NYX Round Lipsticks
-         Retails for $4.00 but sometimes you can get them for dirt cheap and as low as $2.00 a pop.
-         Net weight is 4g or .14 oz
-         The tube is round and black; however, the bottom is clear and shows the color of the lipstick.
-         The number and color of the lipstick is labeled on the cap.
-         They have a rose/synthetic scent that isn’t too overpowering (in my opinion) but can be bothersome for those who are sensitive.
-         Depending on the shade, there is a variation in texture and formula. I find these lipsticks quite slippery overall, which makes the darker shade appear uneven when applied. With that said, the colors don’t last too well…about 2 hours on average. I would recommend use of a lip liner to keep the product from feathering.
-         Some of the shades are too frosty.
-         The diameter of the lipstick is actually slightly smaller than that of the Black Label. The length is also shorter. Given these were purchased about the same time used only on a couple occasion.

NYX Black Label Lipsticks
-         Retails for $7.50.
-         Net weight is 4.2g or 0.15 oz. So you are actually getting a bit more products here.
-         The tube is dark grey, squared, and bulkier. These also come packaged inside a paper box. I like the packaging of the Black Label better. They look prettier.
-         The number and color of the lipstick is labeled on the cap.
-         The bottom is clear and shows the color of the lipstick.
-         They smell like grape, which I’m not a fan of but the scent wears off after you apply it to your lips.
-         They are more pigmented than the Round Lipsticks, have a creamier, and more velvety feel. They apply smoothly and also feel more moisturizing. They last longer.

Overall, if you’re just looking to try new shades and want to start building up your lipstick collection, the NYX Round Lipsticks are a great way to start. But if you want a better quality and more luxurious feeling on your lips, it’s definitely worth paying a few bucks extra for the Black Label Lipsticks. The formula of these lipsticks are comparable to MAC quality but for half the cost. I personally will not repurchase the Round Lipsticks anymore. I am a lot more satisfied with the Black Label Lipsticks; they are among my favorite lipsticks under $10.00.

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