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Monday, February 11, 2013

China Glaze Bling It On, Scattered & Tattered, and Essie Cocktail Bling

These are currently available at Sally Beauty Supply. I'm not too sure how I feel about this collection. I think the glitter combo is kinda meh!

Bling It On has a mix of small, medium, and large black hex glitters, along with black bar glitters and bluish purple glitters. Here, I have only one coat of Bling It On over Essie Cocktail Bling. This definitely packs on the glitter with just one pass. I didn't realize until after the fact but isn't it ironic how I chose Cocktail Bling with Bling It On? LOL. I can certainly call this combo "Bling It On The Cocktail Bling"

Ok, so it just hit me how I have so many Essie Nail polishes that I have not swatched for this blog. Didn't realize that until I started pairing them with the glitters. Cocktail Bling is one of them. The first coat is rather uneven and streaky. The second coat is sufficient to create a nice smooth opaque finish. Cocktail Bling is a medium grey lavender color. This one is very hard to get an accurate swatch because sometimes it looks grey, sometimes it looks a bit blue, and sometimes turns a bit purple. If you google up the swatches, you'll know what I mean, lol.

Ok, moving on to Scattered & Tattered. You get the same mix of black glitters and red glitters in a clear base. I think this combo looks a bit more interesting. This is just one coat and like the previous one, the brush picks up a lot of glitters with just one pass.

As the base color, I am using Zoya Pandora, which is a light pinkish nude color. I like this one more than Bling It On.


  1. I wanted to see some swatches before I got these - so thank you for saving me $$$. I think they are "meh" too. But the Essie color I like!

    1. Essie are nice but I just lust more over sparkly nail polishes for some reason.

  2. I really like the look of Scattered and Tattered.

  3. Oh wow, I love how both of these look on the nails. I remember seeing these a few days ago but didn't buy any because I wanted to check out the swatches first.


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