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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Year of the Snake Manicure

So 2013 is the year of the Snake and in case you didn't know I was also born under the snake year. Though I am not Chinese, neither do I celebrate the Chinese new year or really believe in astrology, I still enjoy reading about it and what better way to represent by doing a snake skin inspired nail look?

According to the Chinese astrology, I am a fire snake so I find that the color I chose for this mani fits my element. Red correspond with fire and symbolize good fortune and joy (I could use some of that this year). Aside from that red and yellow also dominates the Chinese Year Year festivities. I typically do not like wearing red on my nails but I love the outcome of this mani. In spite of having an edge, it still has a classy appeal to it.

Characteristics of a Fire Snake
  • Charismatic (maybe)
  • Wise (I think so)
  • Lazy and self-indulgent (oh yeah definitely!)
  • Good luck with money (I'm broke but I still got money to spend, don't know if that means good luck, lol)
  • Can be possessive in odd ways (I suppose I can be odd in some ways and possessive in other ways)
  • Good looking, elegant, and stylish (toot toot! ok never mind you be the judge of that)
  • Suspicious by nature (I'll believe you first and suspect later)
  • Have a strong, almost obsessive desire for fame, money, and power (ok, don't care much for fame but I'll settle with money or power).

Product Used
  • China Glaze Phat Santa, 2 coats
  • Bundle Monster BM-313 plate
  • FantaSea Cosmetics Nail Art Paint Golden
  • Stamper
  • Expired credit card for scraping 

What do you think of my snake mani? Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year? If yes, can you share some of the family tradition you have for the New Year?


  1. I love your mani! Makes me want to get a stamping kit right now.
    I'm chinese and I wasn't even aware that zodiac signs had correlating characteristics :X

    1. Thanks. I don't know anything about Chinese Zodiac. I just googled it, lol.

  2. That's gorgeous! I can never perfect using a stamping kit. :(

    1. Yes it's harder than it looks. I still mess up too, lol. Be persistent and I think you'll get better.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks. It looks pretty cool. I love it too.

  4. I love this design! I think it represents a snake well, but w/o going over the top. I'd wear it. I can't wait to celebrate CNY and just gives me another reason to wear red. I think the color looks well on you, even though it might not be your favorite.

    1. I love red...for some reason just not on my nails, lol, but I guess if it's got some design or some glitters to go with it, it's all good.


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