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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Layla Ceramic Effect 32

Hey Yalll!

I kept forgetting about this nail polish. I purchased it during my last visit to Ulta. Eh I can't even remember when that was but it did seem like a long time ago. I could be wrong, lol.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a Ceramic Effect but it looked interesting so I only grabbed this shade #32, which was the prettiest one they had available at the time I purchased it. The display was pretty much almost empty. I'm surprised these didn't come with names. Their holographic polishes did.

This is what Layla says about the Ceramic Effect polishes...

A single action for perfect nails - Nail polish with extraordinary professional result !
Thanks to a special density, “Layla Ceramic Effect” leaves your nails always shiny and very smooth .
“Ceramic Effect" does not require the application of a nail polish base , you can have perfect nails in less time using only and exclusively " Layla Ceramic Nail Polish Effect" -
5 different tones suitable for all your needs !!
Two of the winning features that you will find using the new “ Layla Ceramic Effect Nail Polish " are brightness and drying speed.

Ok so I did find that the drying speed was fairly good and I liked the brightness of this particular shade. It was very shiny and metallic. This was rather sheer and in spite of doing 3 coats there is a hint of visible nail line but it's forgivable in my opinion. Some polishes can get away with it and this one does.  It's a very light cool toned gold. Looks fantastic in person, well that is if you don't mind that kind of finish.

The only other polish that I had that might look similar to it was China Glaze White Cap. White Cap was much sheerer and lacked the dimension that  CE32 has. However, the shimmers are pretty similar. I did 3 coats on each of them and as you can see White Cap would work better as a layering polish, whereas CE32 can actually be worn alone.

What do you think of this shade? Yay or nay? For me, it's a yayy :D


  1. It's a Yay! I never took the time to read what they ment by Ceramic Effect - and I thought it had to do with the finish...thanks for explaining!

  2. So pretty! I love White Cap, so I wouldn't mind a more opaque version. x)

    1. White Cap is gorgeous but yes a more opaque version is definitely a plus :D

  3. I think I love China Glaze White Cap!

    1. Its great for layering :) It looks beautiful over other colors.


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