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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Charlote Russe Grey Multi-Shimmer Nail Polish

Ok, so I have some very exciting nail swatches that I cannot wait to show you but since my post is not ready. It will be up tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's a swatch I did a bit ago and didn't get a chance to post.

This is a really pretty shimmery silvery shade that I picked up from Charlotte Russe. Unfortunately, there is no name to it. The base is a metallic silver but you also get some pink and teal shimmers too. This polish is very sheer and I knew that when I opened up the bottle in the store. I'm actually fine with that because I was mainly thinking of using this as a layering color.
On its own, I was able to get a decent opacity with 4 coats. Formula was fairly easy to work with.

Here, I have it layered over a dark color base and I used two coats of shimmers. I probably should've just used one coat instead. Two coats just made it look too metallic I think.

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  1. I like this polish...I think it looks really good over the darker polish.


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