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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Haul - Missha, Maybelline, Rimmel, Sinful Colors, and OPI

Hello Beauties,

Just wanted to to show you my latest acquisition. Afterward, I need to get on a roll with some reviews and swatches. I was up till 5 am, due to my late afternoon nap on Saturday, lol. So with that said, I did not go to work, since that was optional.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably saw when I posted about the Missha sale. I can't even remember now but I think they were either 30% or 40% off. My sister placed an order because she wanted some stuff and I asked her to pick up a couple things for me since I didn't want to go crazy and order things I don't really need just to get the free shipping, lol.

So what I got is the Green Tea Makeup Remover and the Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam. These are products I usually use up quickly, however since I still have a lot of cleansers to go through and this Missha cleanser is so huge. I think I'll be good for a while.

I saw a new display of Sinful Colors at Walgreens and these glittery polishes were reminiscent of the China Glaze and Wet N Wild collections that came out last year. I only decided to pick up In the Spotlight. I couldn't remember if I had something like this already.

Also from Walgreens, I picked up two Maybelline Color Whispers in the shade Berry Ready and A Plum Prospect because they were on BOGO sale. I know I'm kinda late in the game but I wasn't able to spot them on sale previously, which is why I waited till I did.

And then CVS sent me a coupon, so you know I did my round to use up my coupon. I picked up a few home necessities along with more Rimmel Eyeliners and Shadow Stick, another Milani lipstick, and more Color Whispers. Both Rimmel and Maybelline were on BOGO sale.

Here's what I got:

  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Khol Kajal pencil liner in Deep Blue.
  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick in Paranoid Purple, Bulletproof Beige, and Witness White.
  • Milani Color Statement Black Cherry
  • Maybelline Color Whispers in Orange Attitude and Mocha Muse

And then, as if I needed another hole in my head, lol, I decided to stop by the nail supply store after work yesterday to so see if they had anything new and they DID! So I went a little crazy there too.

In the picture above, I picked up 4 polishes from the new Wizard of Oz collection. From left to right:

  • Which is Witch?
  • When Monkeys Fly!
  • Lights of Emerald City
  • What Wizardry Is This? This one is a liquid sand finish, which I'm really excited about. 

Clockwise from the top left:

  • OPI DS Magic, I almost bought this at Ulta last time I was there. I'm glad I didn't. 
  • OPI DS Opulence
  • OPI
  • OPI Sprung

The Designer Series polishes were $7.00 (retail for $12) and the other OPI were $5 (retail for $8). I'm so glad I didn't pay retail for these. If I did, that would've been $72.00! I saved $28.00.

The odd ball of the nail polishes I got at the nail supply store was this Savina Nail Color (only $2.50) in the shade Black Pearl. Look at that duochrome! I can't wait to swatch all these polishes! Today would be a good day. I hope I have enough cotton balls to massacre, lol.

Which one of these products are you most looking forward to see swatches and review?


  1. Oh please, please, please swatch the Sinful Colors glitter polish! I almost bought that exact one at Walgreens the other day but I decided against it because I wanted to see swatches online first. It looks so beautiful, I wanted that entire display, haha! And I wish I could get OPI polishes for cheap like you, the nail supply stores in my city only sell to people with licenses! :(

    1. Will do. I actually forgot about that one since I got busy with my OPI polishes lol

  2. I can't wait for the nail polish swatches! :D

    1. I took a lot of swatches I got to edit them...whew!

  3. I can't wait to see the Nail Polish swatches and I would love to hear how the Missha Product works out for you!! The Wizard of Oz OPI collection is so pretty!!

    1. Ok, I'll work on the Missha reviews. Nail swatches should be up in the next day or two.

    2. Thank you for doing the Nail swatches they are so gorgeous on your nails! All of them!

  4. I just bought that Sinful Colors "In the Spotlight" Friday night! I won't wear it as a full mani, but figured I could use it as an accent nail, since I don't like removing glitter polishes. Very nice haul.

    1. I know glitters are a pain to remove but I still love them :D

  5. Ooh it looks like you picked up so many pretty polishes! I can't wait for the swatches galore coming soon! You got all those polishes at such a great deal. I love buying name brand polishes at nail supply stores for discount prices. I saw that Sinful Colors display as well and was almost going to buy some when I remembered that I already have the whole collection of China Glaze polishes that those polishes resemble. Don't you have that collection as well since I remember it was probably you who told me about the Amazon seller that you bought them from? LOL

    1. Yes I have the china glaze collection too but I couldn't remember which colors I already have, LOL, that's why I only picked one Sinful Color, plus I wanted to see how it compares


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