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Monday, February 4, 2013

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Eyes Liquid Metal Eyeliner

Hello Beautifuls,

I've been seeing posts of new Physicians Formula products floating around and I was actually interested in trying out the BB cream but sold out before I got to it so I guess that will be for another day. CVS was giving back $7 reward coupon for purchasing at least $10 of PF products so I thought eh why not! I could certainly use the coupon for something else! So the next thing that caught my eyes was these nude liquid eyeliners.

What PF claims they do:
  • Brilliant & Glamorous Colors. Create the perfect chic nude look with these three highly pearlescent ultra fine liquid metal eyeliners.
  • Dress up your eyes for ultra-glamorous eye-catching definition.  
  • 3X custom shades = 3X Intense Definition
  • High-Performance Wear. Long-wearing, water-resistant, and smudge-resistant colors lasts up to 14 hours. 
  •  Professional Application. Precise brush-tip is perferct for lining or application to lashes.

  • To my surprise the tubes were much shorter than I anticipated. The packaging made it seems like they would be longer.
  • Total weight for all three: .25 oz or 7.4 ml

  • Thin brush applicator. I like that it's thin but there aren't enough bristles and it feels flimsy, therefore it required a bit more work and patience to apply. As you can see there is way more product on the bristles than it can handle.

  • Natural Nude - pinkish metallic nude
  • Playful Champagne - champagne metallic nude
  • Dramatic Black - black with red, blue, green micro glitters. Honestly, the glitters are so small that you won't even be able to notice them on your eyes.

  • I like the consistency of Natural Nude and Playful Champagne. They are pigmented and opaque on the first pass but because the brush is thin and flimsy I have to work with them a bit.
  • Dramatic Black needs to be layered because the formula is thinner and the brush doesn't help.
  • They go on very wet and they do take a minute or two to dry. 
  • They last all day without smudging, smearing, fading until I take them off.
  • They are not water-resistant. They actually disappear quite fast with water. I would not recommend these if you have watery eyes.
Final Thought
I don't really care much for the black liner but the other two I like and they definitely add shine and definition to your eyes. I like that the brush is thin and allows for precise application, however it is way too flimsy. The formula takes long to dry. The average liquid eyeliner sets in about 30 seconds. These need 1- 2 minutes, which can be a bit of an inconvenience.
If  you are not put off by a couple of the cons I mentioned then I think you will like these because they do require a little more effort and patience.

My rating: 7/10.


  1. These don't sound very appealing to me. I think I'll just stick with their mechanical eyeliners :D

  2. i mess with applying liquid liners *sigh*

  3. I am terrible with actual brush eyeliners, and if it takes a bit to dry I would be a double mess:)

  4. I have been meaning to pick up this set of eyeliners. I just love how both Natural Nude and Playful Champagne look. They are just gorgeous shades and look great on the eyes! I wish that the brush wasn't so flimsy because I always seem to have trouble keeping a steady line with those kinds of thin brushes.

    1. I like it in a way but yeah the brush is so flimsy it's annoying

  5. This is so pretty. I bought these a long while ago but I haven't used them yet. Great review!

    1. The two shimmers I like but the black one is not the greatest. Oh gosh I do have some stuff I bought a long time ago and still haven't tried.

  6. I quite like what you've done! Im now convinced to get a gold/champagne liner to layer with my normal black!

  7. The nude and champagne colors look very pretty on you. It's a shame I'm totally useless when it comes to liquid liners.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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    1. I find that resting my elbow on the table when applying the liner helps a lot.


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