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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Accessory Haul - Shoes, Jewelries, and Scarves

Hello lovelies,

I haven't really been consistent with posting lately. My Internet is still acting up. I need to upgrade my computer too since I don't have enough memory to support all the activities that I do on the computer.
Anyways with that said, I've hauled a few things in the past couple weeks and wanted to share.

The other day when I stopped by Marshalls just to look around, I found these BCBG nude pumps on clearance for $39.00. As soon as I tried them and they fit perfectly, I knew I was going to bring them home. They are quite comfortable. The gold trimming, black heels, and platform make these heels look chic and sophisticated. Another thing I love about these heels is that they can be versatile for work and going out.

From Charlotte Russe, I picked up two rings because they were 2 for $10. I was immediately drawn to the armor ring because it looks very cool and edgy. I wish I could find more of these. There was a very pretty armor ring in gold but it was a little too small for me so I picked another ring with round and squared stones.

Finally, I spotted these lovely scarves at Claire's for $14 and $16. They were a little pricier than I would prefer to pay but since I thought they were so pretty I decided to get them anyways. The nice thing about these scarves is that they are lightweight so you can wear them on warm days and still be ok. I love pretty scarves, they are such a simple accessory to wear to jazz up your outfit.

So that's it for my accessory haul. Stay tuned for my beauty haul :)

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