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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Physicians Formula Eyeliner Trio Nude Eyes - Swatches and Review

I honestly don't need anymore eyeliners but since I am an eyeliner junkie, I just felt the need to try these, especially when I was able to get them on BOGO sale.

  • This set comes with 3 different shades: black, brown, and nude. I like the shade range because these I colors I would reach for often.
  • The pencils are retractable
  • Built-in sharpener included. I still can't believe I just found out about the sharpener because I saw another blogger do a review on these and had mentioned it. I've used them for quite some time and was completely clueless. I would have never guessed that because the sharpener is concealed at the end of the pencil.
  • Overall, I quite like the packaging.


  • The pigmentation is ok. I was actually expecting more. You would actually need more than one pass in order to get a good color pay off.
  • The formula wasn't as creamy as I would have liked but it was doable.  
  • Physicians Formula claims that these eyeliners can last up to 24 hours, being water resistant, long-wearing, and smudge-proof but I found that claim far from being true. They do last up to 5 hours without problem but after that, they start to fade and smudge.


Overall, I think these are ok eyeliners. I like the packaging, I like the colors, I'm even thrilled that a sharpener was included but I'm not in love with the formula or pigmentation. I wished the pencils felt a tad bit more creamy and they certainly do not last anywhere near 24 hours.
My rating 7/10.

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