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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Somewhat Cosmic, Purple Teal Gradient Nails

Nail polishes are undoubtedly one of my largest collection. I have this love and hate relationship with them. I love how they look on my nails; however, I really hate doing the job, lol.
Anyways, I came up with this nail look last night because I can't remember the last time I did one.
I must say, I am very pleased with the result. I am totally in love with it and I sure did get a lot of compliments today.

Materials used:
  • One coat of Zoya Ridge Filling basecoat (not pictured)
  • One coat of Milani Orchidia
  • With a sponge, I applied OPI Ski Teal We Drop to the tips of my nails, creating a gradient effect
  • One coat of Zoya Adina
  • I mixed two different colored glitters (blue and purple) with OPI base coat and applied them at the tips of my nails
  • One coat of Out The Door Northern Light
This nail look kinda looks cosmic, which isn't what I intended at first but turned out to look a bit like it. The purple/teal duochrome from Adina and tiny holographic glitters from Northern Lights really spice up this look.

I hope you enjoyed this look.

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  1. Very nice, wish we could get Zoya polish here, I have never come across it :(

    1. yeah I have more luck ordering them online.

  2. This is one of the pretties manis I've seen in a long time!


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