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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Late Night Food and Drinks

If you read my post from last week, I am trying to get out of this rut and do something out of the usual. My sister and I decided to catch a late night movie show last Wednesday, lol...yes, during a week day! We went to watch Gone and the movie started at 10 pm (pretty late). We were actually rushing to get there because it was kinda like a spur of the moment thing, not a lot of time to look pretty.

I thought the movie was just ok. We had the theater to ourselves since we were the only two in there.
After the movie, we went to check out this one bar because they had drinks specials on Wednesdays. Fortunately, it was conveniently located close by the theater. The bar is called JoJo's Martini Lounge and by the name, you can pretty much guess that they specialize in Martinis, which is one of my favorite drinks.

The bar was small and in a decent location. When we walked in, there was just a few people. It wasn't crowded at all and the ambiance was very lax. We pretty much ordered all their Hump Day drink specials, lol. They were mostly $5.00 each, except for the Cherritini, which was $4.00. Not bad eh?

On the left, Sex in the City (Cosmo). On the right, Screaming Orgasmatini.

On the left, Multiple Orgasmatini and on the right, a Cherrytini.

We were very pleased with the drinks. They were good and they gave us a very generous amount too. As you can see, they are filled all the way to the rim. The glasses were also pretty large. After I finished my second drink, I was feeling tipsy. My sister let me have the stronger drinks, lol...I guess it's a good thing since she was the driver. By the time we got done chit chatting and finishing our drinks it was getting pretty late BUT she asked me if I wanted to go to IHop and get something to eat, lol...I was like sure whatever, I'm not even hungry but I'll go. Anyways, when we got to IHop, they were closed. So we went to a 24 hour restaurant that is close by my place.

Couldn't figure what to order so I went with the steak, hash brown, and eggs. The meal also came with some toast. I wasn't very impressed with the food there. Tasted bland. I barely ate half of it and packed it to go since I wasn't that hungry.

By the time my sister dropped me off home, it was like 3 am! I literally passed out as soon as I hit my pillow. Slept a few hours and had to be up for work already.

I had a nice evening, even if I barely got any sleep. This is definitely not something I normally do on a week night but what the heck, some nights even if I'm just staying in, I barely get any sleep anyways.

I need to work on my list of things to do :D

  • Do you like going out on a week day?
  • What are some of the things you have done spontaneously?

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  1. Oh God those drinks look amazing *__* I love cocktails!


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