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Sunday, March 25, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Nail Polish Swatches

Today, I went to see The Hunger Games. I did not read the book but I wanted to see what the hype was all about. Because of that, I had high expectations. I think the movie was good but not as great as I expected. It seems like most movies I've seen that were based on a novel don't turn out as good as the book. 


Initially, I passed on this polish and got Luxe and Lush and Electrify first. However, after my friend Celia bought it and swatched it for me, I was sold and went back to Sally to get it. Orange is usually not the kind of color that I'd go banana for but for some shades I'll make an exception.
Riveting has a jelly like bright reddish orange color. It's actually quite pigmented for a jelly base because here I have two coats and it looks pretty opaque. The sparkling gold and orange shimmers in this polish combined with the bright orange base is what makes this color so freaking amazing! It looks so summery and exotic.

Luxe and Lush was the main attraction for me because I've been head over heels for flaky polishes. They add such a gorgeous jewel-like effect to any polish. This polish looks just like an opal stone with opalescent blue and gold flakies suspended in a milky clear base. The base isn't too thick or thin, just perfect I think. The great thing about this flakie polish is that they lay flat when applied. I've had trouble with some were they stick up and feel rough on the surface, aka Color Club Covered in Diamonds. I'm glad this is a lot easier to work with.

Electrify, I wasn't too sure about this one but when the store clerk swatched it for me, I quickly changed my mind, lol. I've been hauling glitter polishes like crazy and I don't think I'll get over this phase anytime soon because sparkles make me feel giddy and happy. Electrify has small gold and red glitters in a clear base. On the swatch I have 3 coats, and it covered my nails pretty much.

At last, here I have all three polishes combined. On the two left fingers, I have Riveting with Luxe and Lush. On the two right fingers, I have Riveting with Electrify.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Which was your favorite polish(es) from this collection? Did you see the movie? If you did, what did you think of it?


  1. I have Riveting. I like it. As for HG, I'm not excited for it, really. I mean, besides the fact that it was filmed 30 minutes away, ha. I'll stick with my Battle Royale. Maybe even read Running Man. I've tried getting through the first book three times and haven't had luck.

    1. At least you tried reading the book, hehe. Reading is not my thing.

  2. Yum! I need Lush and Luxe and Electrify! Oh such pretty glitter *__*


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