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Monday, March 26, 2012

Essie Swatches - Play Date & Navigate Her


I've been wanting these two polishes since the day I spotted them at Walgreens. I've tried very hard to control myself because everytime I see them in store, I'm always reaching for them, and then put them back on the shelf and leave.
My sister constantly kept reminding me that I shouldn't pay full price for these and that she could get them from the nail supply (for cheaper) for me. However, she is taking too damn long to deliver, puahhaha. So I took matters into my own hands when I got the $10 CVS gift card and $4.00 CVS coupon. That was a pretty sweet deal :D!

Navigate Her is from Essie's new spring 2012 collection. It's actually the only polish in that collection that I was interested in. The reason is I think this green polish looks very unique. I have not seen any other like it, at least not that I can recall. It's like a light sage green with a bit of yellow undertone and a creme finish. Pastel colors always reminds me of spring.  

Here I have two coats in the swatches. The application was a bit uneven on the first coat but looked pretty good on the second pass. I'm very pleased that it wasn't streaking, which is usually a problem I find in light colors with creme finish.

Play Date is from the Go Overboard collection. I was tempted to get Go Overboard as well; however, I think that it looks close enough to OPI Ski Teal We Drop, that I decided to pass. The reason why I've been lusting over Play Date is because I don't think I have anything like it in my collection and I find the color very appealing. It's a gorgeous lilac color with creme finish. My camera doesn't really capture the true colors of purples. It actually has a bit more red undertone in real life than pictured.
Here I have two coats. The first coat is a bit sheered but the second coat applied beautifully and evenly.

On a side note, while I was shopping, I noticed that Rimmel Wild Orchid nail polish looked very close in color when I put the bottles side by side. When I google the swatch, it sure looks like a cheaper dupe for me. So you could get a similar color for half the price if you are going with Wild Orchid. Here is a link to the swatch that I googled so you can compare it for yourself


  1. Ive been wanting to get playdate so much! These are both springy summery colors!

  2. I've been looking at play date at walgreens but always convinced myself I didn't need it. After seeing how beautiful it is on, I just HAVE to have it now LOL.
    They really are gorgeous Spring colours and Navigate her is such a unique pastel green :) x

  3. Thank you for these excellent pics of Essie "Play Date" nail polish - certainly helped me to select best colour from lilac/purple ones I was viewing at,au. I find this a great site, with both email and phone customer service. Has Free shipping to Australia - always include free samples and a complimentary KitKat bar!! Plus discounts and coupons. Great resource with wide range of high quality beauty products, accessories.


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