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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day Makeup Look

I did this makeup look last night so that I can post it today before I head out tonight to celebrate St Patrick's day. Like many who celebrate St Paddy, I will be wearing green. Actually, I will be wearing a lot of green. I don't think you will ever catch me wearing this much green in my life, lol, and I can probably only get away with that on St Paddy's day.
I absolutely love the lid color. I have nothing like it in my stash. It's a bright shimmery lime green with gold shimmers. I've always wanted to do a look with it and this is perfect for the occasion.

  • NYX Taupe as contour
  • MAC Hang Loose Mineralize Blush (just the pink side)

  • Urban Decay primer potion all over lids and brow bone
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Creme Precious Jade all over lids
  • I used two shades from the Love Alpha palette. I got this palette from a store called Golden Rose. I'm not sure where else you can get it. I used the light shimmery gold on brow bone and the dark olive green on the crease.
  • I used Shadow Kinky from Pure Luxe pigments all over my lids. I applied it wet using eye drops as mixing medium.
  • I used Urban Decay Black Dog to darken the outer V to create more depth.
  • I lined the top lash line with Physicians Formula Eye Booster Ultra Black (my favorite eyeliner)
  • I lined the bottom lash line with Benefit Gem-n-Eye (on the outer), I think this one is limited edition. I bought it from a holiday set. It's a dark olive with gold shimmers.
  • On the inner bottom lash line, I used Cover Girl Liquiline Blast
  • I lined my waterline and tightlining with Sally Hansen Forever Stay Eye Pencil Deep Black.
  • I filled my brows with Revlon Brow Fantasy Dark Brown
  • Top lashes: ELF Natural Lash
  • Bottom lashes: Ardell 108

  • Since my eye makeup is bold, I decided to keep the lip neutral. I used MAC Mattene Lipstick Naked Bliss

Thanks for checking out my St Patrick's Day makeup look. I hope you enjoyed it and if you are out there partying tonight, have fun and be safe :)

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  1. Just to correct you because I think it's important, it's St. Paddy, not Patty. Paddy for Patrick and Patty for Patricia.

    Back to the makeup, I like it. It looks nice!

  2. Thanks for the correction! Ooops, I didn't really put much thought in the spelling.

  3. Lots of green indeed! Looks like great fun. I'll have to conjure up a green look myself for work tonight. I don't need customers reaching over to pinch me.

    1. wow do they really do that to you?

  4. OMG this is gorgeous. The green is so pigmented love!

    1. Thank you. Applying it wet intensified the color.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks. I love all colors in general.

  6. Oooh this is just too beautiful! I loooove that lime green glitter *__*

    1. Thanks. It's one of the most unique shade I have.

  7. I love the shades of green you used. Stunning!

  8. fun colors!! love it :))



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