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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette - Review and Swatches

Today, I'll be reviewing for you the Meet Matt)e) Nude palette from theBalm. I purchased this palette a few weeks ago through their website. This pretty much concludes my collection of theBalm palettes. I own every single one of them from the permanent line. theBalm honestly make some of the best eyeshadows and I've been lucky enough to get all their palettes during a sale or found them for a discounted price. 

  • Made of sturdy cardboard paper with a magnetic closure. 
  • 9 different shades with a large mirror included
  • Ok, I can't help but feel silly about it when I saw that they wrote "size matters" on the packaging. I thought I would show you the other Matte palette from theBalm and as you can see, Meet Matte Nude is significantly bigger (and naked) and contains twice as much product. If you missed out on the review of Meet Matte, you can view it HERE

Swatches were done without a primer

Matt Johnson - dark grey
Matt Garcia - medium brown with a slight red undertone
Matt Malloy - white
Matt Rosen - warm medium brown
Matt Wood - cool dark brown
Matt Singh - light peachy pink nude
Matt Abdul - medium greyish taupe
Matt Lombardi - light warm beige
Matt Hung - medium taupe with a purple undertone

  • I found all of these eyeshadows very nicely pigmented and some of the best and smoothest matte eyeshadows I've tried. Not too chalky, too soft, or too powdery and easy to work with. The formula is quite consistent between shades.
  • They last up to 8 hours with a good primer.
  • All of the colors are earth tone so great for those who love neutral eyes.

Final Thought

If you're looking for some matte neutrals, then this would be a very good choice. Excellent formula, pigmentation, and colors. The amount of product is very generous so this will last you forever!

Rating: 10/10

Price: $42.00
Available at

Do you love Matte? Which ones are your favorites?


  1. I actually never noticed that there were two palettes of Meet Matt(e). This one would definitely be up my alley. I wish I had bought it when theBalm had their sale. The swatches look gorgeous and so does Matt Singh and Matt Hung

    1. I think this one was part of the Hautelook sale too.

  2. I have one "single" Meet Matt(e) shadow (I think it's Batali)from an Ipsy bag. And it is very nice, I also have the BalmJovi palette as I've mentioned. TheBalm products are fun because their unique and such good quality!

    1. I agree. I love their eyeshadows especially so I had to have them all, hehe.

  3. I just ordered this from Hautelook the other day. After seeing your swatches, now I am very anxiously waiting it's arrival lol

  4. Awesome palette! Gorgeous eyeshadows.

    1. Thanks. All theBalm palettes are great :)

  5. I've seen this is person and they are so huge and will last forever. Without swatching them I didn't think much of the color choice but omg...I love the second and last row...they have such dimension in them as matte shades they are gorgeous!

  6. Hi there :) Just wondering, at the moment I can really only afford one of the balm's palette (uni student life!)

    Ive been considering either the original meet matte, the matte nude or the nude tude!

    Currently i think the original matte isn't appealing but I would like your opinion?

    Also it's hard to tell for me but are any shades similar in the palletes? I really like the top row of the original meet matte palette but the other colours not too much.


  7. I just bought the matt(e) nude palette today. The consistency of these shadows are so creamy /buttery. This palette really appealed to me because of it being all mattes. I have plenty of shimmer eye shadow palettes so I can't wait to use this tomorrow.

    1. Hope you enjoy it. It's a great palette! We should have a variety of matte shades in our arsenal and this palette has good quality mattes.


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