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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Raw Skincare Ambiaty Concentrated Serum Review

I purchased this serum a while ago because I had a coupon. I personally enjoy using serums. I think it really does improve my skin texture. However, most serums are expensive and this one is no exception.

What it is...

Ambiaty Concentrated Serum is formulated to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boost radiance and prepare the skin for perfect makeup application. A slew of antioxidant-rich botanicals neutralize free radicals in order to promote a healthier and more youthful complexion. The serum's lightweight texture hydrates and illuminates the skin, promoting a clear, bright appearance. Ambiaty Concentrated Serum is hypoallergenic and free of chemical dyes, preservatives and fragrances.

  • There's nothing fancy about the packaging but it's simple and practical. I particularly appreciate that it comes with a pump because I absolutely hate having to dig my finger into a jar and get product stuck in my nails. As a matter of fact, I avoid jar packaging at all cost. I just can't stand them. 
  • 1 oz or 30 ml

  • Contains antioxidant. 
  • Milky thick gel that absorbs very quickly. Doesn't feel greasy. 
  • One pump is enough for my entire face but if I'm going for the neck I would need another pump. 
  • It has a subtle earthy/spicy scent. I liked it. It's not too strong and fades quickly. 
  • Improves my skin texture when combined with a moisturizer. My skin feels smoother, more supple, and hydrated. I really can't tell if it does anything for wrinkles since I don't have any but perhaps it helps prevent it. 

Final Thought

It's a nice product and my skin did benefit from it. The price kills me and the bottle is small but it's always good to invest on a good serum. I really do believe they've helped keeping my skin looking young and smooth. I think it's suitable for all skin type but you probably won't really need to start using serums until you're over 25.

Rating: 9/10

Price: $79.00
Available at


  1. I dislike jar packaging as well, but if it's a good product I'll deal with it - I just use a q-tip to get it out and then swab it on my face!

    1. I don't even have the patience to do that, hehe. I'm so bad.


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