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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Forever 21 Bracelets

I haven't gone to Forever 21 in a while but yesterday my daughter wanted to go there. I was eyeing some cute sandals but they didn't fit my feet. My feet and ankles have been swelling so I need sandals that won't squish them. Didn't have any luck so I only picked a few jewelries and a nail polish. One thing I love about Forever 21 jewelries is that they are trendy, fairly decent quality, and at such an affordable price.

This chain bracelet set is cute and simple ($6.80). I love the colored ribbon laced between the chain, giving it a pop of color.

Faux leather and pearl bracelet, $8.80. The bracelet is adjustable and I think it's really nice.

Beaded bracelet with heart charm, $3.80. This one is small and dainty. I love the multi-colored and multi-faceted beads. It's very minimalist but still cute as a button.

Lastly, the nail polish I got is called Purple Passion ($2.80). I love the color and assortment of glitters in this polish. Let's hope it looks just has lovely on the nails. I will be posting swatches soon.

Check out Forever 21 Memorial Day sale for deals up to 80% off.

What have you been or is going to haul this holiday weekend?


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