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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Philosophy Lipgloss Peppermint Bark - Swatch and Review

I have a few Philosophy lip glosses that were part of a holiday set and never really touched them but I thought I should try to at least review one of them. I picked out what seems to be the most pigmented one. Do keep in mind that the holiday scented soaps and glosses are only available during the holiday season so you won't be seeing these in store anytime soon but who knows you might run into some of them.

  • Clear squeeze tube. You're not going to get precise application with this gloss but since it's sheer, I suppose it doesn't matter much. 
  • .5 oz or 15 ml, very generous amount of product. 

  • The lipglosses smell just like the body wash and if you are familiar with the Philosophy body washes, they smell oh so delicious! Peppermint Bark has a lovely sweet scent similar to that of a chocolate fudge cake. 
  • It had a refreshing cooling and minty effect on my lips, not stinging though. 
  • This feels rather thick for a gloss and the thickness is similar to MAC Lipglasses. It is also super shiny. One of the shiniest gloss I have. 
  • Although this is a pretty sheer lipgloss, Peppermint Bark managed to give my pale lips just a little hint of color and keeps them moisturized for a few hours. 

Final Thought

I wouldn't say this is a gloss you need to have, however, if you don't mind thick sheer shiny glosses that smells delicious and are fairly hydrating, these Philosophy glosses are sure nice to have.

Rating: 9/10
Price: $10.00

Availability: Sephora, Ulta,


  1. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I love thick glosses so this one would be right up my alley. I love lip gloss and I LOVE MAC Lipglass. I bought two new ones a few weeks ago! The only thing I don't like is a gloss that has a taste...that is my lip gloss pet peeve. LOL

    1. It may be just the scent but I don't taste anything weird or unpleasant coming from this gloss. If anything it is delicious and I'm pretty picky about lippie scents and taste too. I actually like the thickness of MAC lipglass. It makes the color last longer.

  2. I too love the thickness of lipglass, I have one of these in Funnel Cake. I need to bust it out!

  3. I love anything peppermint scented! It's a shame but you really have to stock up at the holidays...:(

    1. You may occasionally run into some Philosophy holiday products at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.


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