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Friday, May 3, 2013

theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette - Swatch and Review (Pic Heavy)

Hi everyone!

Today, I'm going to review for you the Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette that I purchased during their 50% flash sale. This palette normally retails for $39.50, while it was pretty awesome to get a fabulous discount on it, I can honestly say that it is worth every penny.

Back in my teen years, Bon Jovi was my favorite band so this palette brings back nostalgia of my youth. Jon Bon Jovi is so freaken hot...I literally drooled over him, lol. Now the one thing that kinda throw me off a bit is how they named the individual shades with other bands, which I also did listen to some of them back in the days, haha. I think it would have made more sense if they named the shades with Bon Jovi's songs since this palette is called Balm Jovi.

                                                                  Source: Uploaded by user via Breanna on Pinterest

                             Damnnnn Jon Bon Jovi HOTNESS! I wished that I was born to be his baby! 

By the way, theBalm is currently on sale now at Hautelook. Unfortunately, this palette isn't part of the sale but I thought I'd mention it anyways. 


  • Sturdy cardboard paper with a heart-shaped mirror. Absolutely adorable! 
  • I loooooove the printed design. This palette literally rocks!
  • 12 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush, 2 lip/cheek colors. One thing, I appreciate about this palette is that the lip colors are covered with another cardboard flap, which prevents the eyeshadows from getting in there. 
  • They even suggested 4 different looks. Not that it really matters.
  • It's approximately 4 inches wide and 7 inches long. 

Heavy Metal Eyeshadows
  • Metal-ica - metallic white shimmer
  • Iron Maid-in - cool toned metallic gold shimmer
  • Lead Zeppelin - dark olive green with sparkly gold shimmers
  • Alice Copper - shimmery burgundy red 

Classical Eyeshadows
  • Adagio - matte light nude
  • Allegro - warm matte brown
  • Moderato - dark matte eggplant 
  • Presto - dark matte brown

Alternative Rock Eyeshadows
  • Blink 1982 - mauvy nude with sparkling gold shimmers
  • The Stroke - matte black with blue shimmers
  • Rem - greyish lavender with gold shimmers
  • Third Eye Blinded - light shimmery pale nude

  • Solid Gold Luminizer - beautiful light golden shimmer. Very soft and smooth in texture.
  • Don't You Want Me Blush - gorgeous coral pink with a satin finish. Very smooth, creamy, and pigmented. 
  • I was very pleased with how long they lasted on me. Up to 8 hours with minimal fading.

Lip/Cheek Color
  • Milly - rose nude
  • Vanilly - bright cherry red
  • I knew it from the start that you'd break my heart but still I had to play this painful part...OMG this song was da shit! Excuse my language, but it's true, it was a major hit when it was released. I still love listening to it. If you were born after 1990, chances are you probably don't know who these guys are. 


Solid Gold & Don't You Want Me on cheeks and Milly on lips


Solid Gold & Don't You Want Me on cheeks and Vanilly on lips

  • The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented. Some shades are smoother and creamier than others but overall, they are all lovely. They have a good variety of metallic, shimmers, and matte, which I really appreciate in a palette. You can create neutral daytime looks as well as smoky night time looks. 
  • Eyeshadows can be used wet or dry! I didn't know that until I read the description on theBalm website.
  • The luminizer and blush are also outstanding in term of color, texture, pigmentation, and lasting power.
  • The lip/cheeks color also have a nice color payoff and a shiny finish. I didn't detect any scent and they applied quite nicely. My lips were dry and they did a pretty good job at smoothing the dryness and feel comfortable on the lips. I haven't tried these out on the cheeks but since they have more of a lipstick consistency, I much prefer to use them for the lips. 

Final Thought

This is the best face palette that I own. Everything from the eyeshadows to the cheeks and lip products perform wonderfully. If I could only bring one thing with me on vacation or if I could only use one palette for the rest of my life, this would be it. It's compact, lightweight, and has a good variety of colors to play with for your entire face. MUST...OWN...THIS...PALETTE! Even if you don't know the bands or the songs, this palette is a hit and will rock your look.

Rating: 10/10. 

Price: $39.50
Availabe at

And for the fun of it...These are the songs that play in my head when I look at this palette...
What's your favorite songs of the late 80's and 90's?


  1. I have this palette as well, and it is awesome! The Balm makes such great products. (And OMG did I love me some Milli Vanilli) but fav songs, I have a few:
    Sinéad O'Connor - "Nothing Compares 2 U" 1990
    Dr. Dre (featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg) - "Nuthin' but a "G" Thang" 1992
    Madonna - "Vogue" 1990
    Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby" 1990
    George Michael - "Freedom! '90"

    1. Awwwesome! I used to listen to those songs too! Ahh these songs sure brings back the good old days

  2. That palette looks AMAZING! I love the packaging and all of the colors! Though I agree the names are odd, but I guess it doesn't really matter in the end when the shadows are all so gorgeous. :) The lippies look lovely too!!

    1. Yeah the name of the palette and name of the shades are certainly not cohesive so if you know these bands, you'll be scratching your head like me, hehe. But yes, aside from that the colors and quality is fantastic, which is what matters the most.

  3. Lovely swatches!I feel like The Balm never disappoints!

    1. Thank you. I've been loving everything I got from them so far :)

  4. You completely talked me in to buying this. Luckily it's on sale today on Hautelook for 51% off. Thanks for getting all those great songs stuck in my head. I love me some Milli Vanilli even if they were lip syncing. LOL

    1. oo that is awesome that it is back on Hautelook! Hope you enjoy the palette as much as I do.


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