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Monday, August 20, 2012

OOTD Floral Dress

I'm having one of those WTH moment that is really bothering me. At first, I really wanted to believe that perhaps the problem is just a lack of common sense but now my gut feeling is telling me it is more a lack of ethics. I dread having to deal with an ethical behavior. I much rather deal with someone who is mentally challenged than someone who couldn't care less. I'm just appalled at the thought of it.

Anyways, let's move on to the purpose of this post. I actually haven't worn this outfit yet but was playing dress up so this is the look that I came up with. Pretty simple...Ok, perhaps too simple but that's what's great about wearing a dress. You don't have to find a matching bottom, ahah.
I purchased the dress from Rue 21, fairly recently. It is strapless and made out of a lace type of fabric with floral prints. It is also lined with another navy blue fabric underneath. It also has 3 ruffled layers. The ruffles are not too obvious so I don't know if you can even tell but I like it much better that way. Too much ruffles would add too much volume to my body, which is already voluminous enough as it is.
I find the floral and lace combination pretty girly and feminine. The dress actually looks casual which I like cause I'll get more use out of it. I can't find the same dress on their website but this one is pretty similar and just as pretty{D5E2CDAD-1BB8-47F9-B779-D85CF16B876F}&color=BLACK

To cover my bare shoulders, I paired it with a white cardigan. Ahh what can I say a cardigan is a must have piece in my wardrobe. I think that cardigans give you a more polished look, which is great for the office. Cardigans also give you a leaner figure. Perfect for someone like me who could use a little help in that department.

I am also wearing a brown belt which came with the dress and I finished the look with my versatile go with anything MIA white wedge sandals.

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