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Monday, August 13, 2012

OOTD - Orange Dress + Color Block Sandals

Happy Monday everyone!

Well at least what's left of it. This was my actual outfit of the day for work. Started off with a bit of wardrobe malfunction this morning. I tried these new gel insoles that I bought from the dollar store and they were squeaking with every step that I made so while I was driving to work, I decided to pull them out of my shoes and managed to rip one off in half.
Secondly, I was in a rush (like usual) so I just grabbed whatever underwear I could find, haha. I just happen to pick one of the most uncomfortable pair of hip hugger that I can't remember the last time I wore it. It kept giving me wedgies through out the day.

  • Orange dress. It is the only orange dress that I have in my closet. Well orange isn't really something I typically wear but this dress was hand me down from my sister. I did a little alteration to it. It had something sewn on the waistline but I removed it cause I didn't like it. The dress is pretty simple and the material is pretty cheap but the color give it a bit of life.
  • After I got that thing out of the way, I was able to pair the dress with this Michael Kors belt, which looks way cooler on it.
  • Because the open area around the chest is pretty low, I wore a simple burgundy cardigan for cover up.
  • The dress doesn't have any sleeve and I normally don't really like going sleeveless to work so I added a long and lean brownish red cardigan. I think it added a more professional look to the dress so I liked that.
  • These buckle bow color block sandals were from Dots and the whole reason why I decided to wear orange today, lol. I bought these heels like a couple months ago and they've been sitting on my rack unworn until today. I felt like I was neglecting them. They are pretty high but the platform helped. As far as comfort level, I would say medium. They are not the most comfortable heels I own but they are not horrible either. They fit a little loose on me, which is great because I hate wearing tight shoes. They look super cute though. I got lots of compliments. This is the type of shoe that will not go unnoticed. I swear everyone that I walked passed by literally stared at them, lol. Mind you that I don't wear these for that reason. I'm a slave for them. I don't mind wearing a boring outfit but my shoes has to be dope! Yeah I'm weird like that, LOL. Anyways, if you dig them and don't have a Dots near you (I'm not even sure if you will be able to find them anymore) the good news is I found where you can buy them...Ebay! And the price is pretty reasonable. Here's the link for you I've never bought from this seller but their rating is pretty high so I think you should be safe ordering from them but don't take my word for it. I've seen the same style being sold at Charlotte Russe but in different colors. This is my favorite color from the selection I've seen.

Lastly, you may wonder what the heck are all these eggs for? Well my sister went down to Oklahoma this past weekend to visit my mom and families and brought back two stacks of eggs for me (and some chicken nuggets)...That's like 50 eggs! My mom lives on a farm and they raise chickens and that's were all these eggs are coming from. I told my kids that we gonna have to be on a egg diet so that these won't go to waste.
How many ways can you cook an egg? IDK, I mostly do scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs. Got any egg recipe you wanna share with me?

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  1. Those sandals are FAB-U-LOUS! Oh my.

  2. Love the shoes!! You need to make sweet meat with the eggs!!

  3. Same reaction on the sandals! As for the eggs:

  4. Cute outfit and amazing shoes. I used to have a habit of buying pair after pair of black shoes but lately I've been on a color kick. I think it adds so much to every outfit ;) My favorite thing to make with eggs is a quiche, they're really simple to put together but take about an hour to bake so if I'm making one for dinner I put it in as soon as I get home from work. I like it bc it can be breakfast or dinner food, and you can put lots of different things in it to change it up ;)


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