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Monday, August 20, 2012

I've Been Shopping Lately...Again

I've been naughty again and went to for more goodies. I'm super duper excited.

  • Royal Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace, $8.50. This is a pretty cute necklace. The hamsa hand is a symbol of protection in case you might not know. So perhaps this can be my new lucky charm. The necklace is pretty long and the pendant a fairly decent size.

  • Frosted Fossil Necklace, $16.00. I've seen Liliana post a necklace similar, if not the same, a while ago and I was never able to get my hands on it so when I saw it at Shoplately, I knew I had to get it. I'm glad that this isn't a bright gold but a lighter and more muted gold. Some of the pieces have a more textured look to it. This definitely reminds me of a fossil but in a cool necklace form. This is another unique piece that I'm pretty excited about.

  • Braided Arrow Bracelet Blue, $8.00.  I absolutely love the arrow. It is gorgeous. Otherwise, I feel like this piece is overpriced for what it is. I still love it though.

So as of today, I've decided that I will allow myself a budget of $150.00 per month on fashion and beauty combined. This means that I'm gonna be a little bit more selective on the things that I decide to purchase. Hopefully, establishing this limit will give me a little more control over my spending. Wish me luck. 

What do you think of my new collection?

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  1. I love the first necklace. It reminds me of something a princess might wear in a cartoon and it would have magical powers :P And the fossil necklace is really cool too.

    1. Thanks. I love them! They are so different from what I normally wear.

    2. Hi, great blog post! I love that fossil necklace. But I'm very curious about the one you mentioned that you saw Liliana post. Is Liliana by any chance Lillian Funny Face? :) And is the necklace by any chance this one: If so, I'd love to see a pic of it IRL, and maybe on. Could you direct me to that post you saw it in? Or if it's Lillian's post, Lillian, could you please direct me to the post? Thank you! :)

    3. No I was referring to Liliana from She posted one exactly like the one I bought but she bought hers from H&M. I wasn't able to find it other than on shoplately.


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